Track & Field Review 2015

Track & Field Review 2015

Senior Track and Field Awards 2015

Best performance by a male      
Position Name of Athlete Event Time / distance Points

Will Lander

400m 51.2 102



Jordan Toth 100m 10.7w 102



Lavelle Pierre 800m 1:59.21 100
  NB: w = wind assisted      
Best performance by a female      
Position Name of Athlete Event Time / distance Points

Lauren Storr

100mH 15.6 82

Ruby Sykes

800m 2:25.30 80

Naomi Harvey-Franklin

Sophie Spencer








Hallas Trophy

Best Championship Performance in 2015

Naomi Harvey-Franklin – Gold medal in Yorkshire T&F Senior Women’s 400m Hurdles with a time of 72.64secs.

Peter Brookes - Gold medal in Warwickshire T&F Senior Men’s 5000m Championships with a time of 15mins 12.58secs.

NB: A medal at Regional Level (Northern/Midland) out ranks a medal at County Level and a medal at National Level (including English Schools and inter-Counties) outranks a medal at Regional level.

Top point scorer in the Northern Track and Field League


Position      Name of Athlete   Points    
Dennis St Louis   70    
2 Eddie Hinchliffe   62    



Kai Sunman   60    
Position Name of Athlete   Points    
1 Naomi Harvey-Franklin   123    
2 Zoe Storr   72    
3 Ruby Sykes   70    
  Junior Track and Field Awards 2015    
Age Group Position Top Points Scorer Points Position Most Improved Athlete Points added
U/11 1st Isabel Richardson 114 1st Libby Pringle 32
Girls 2nd Libby Pringle 104 2nd Isabel Richardson 4
  3rd     3rd    
U/11 1st Matthew Burke 153 1st Matthew Burke 10
Boys 2nd     2nd    
  3rd     3rd    
U/13 1st Daisy Cousen 204 1st Ruby Yates 29
Girls 2nd Lydia Throssell 180 2nd Olivia Evans 16
  3rd Olivia Evans 174 3rd Eve Wrigley-Jones 7
  4th     4th    
U/13 1st Jude Calvert-Green 201 1st Jude Calvert-Green 17
Boys 2nd Jacob Foster 200 2nd Louis Pain 10
  3rd Edward Sephton 166 3rd= Edward Sephton 7
  4th Louis Pain 160   Jacob Foster 7
U/15 1st Alice Orton 165 1st Alice Orton 21
Girls 2nd Rebecca Martin 160 2nd Millie Yates 13
  3rd Millie Yates 156 3rd Rebecca Martin 8
  4th     4th    
U/15 1st Seth Calvert-Green 232 1st George Hobbs 30
Boys 2nd Callum Durrans 231 2nd Harry Hobbs 16
  3rd Harry Hobbs 224 3rd Seth Calvert-Green 11
  4th George Hobbs 214 4th Sam Bedingfield 2
U/17 1st Olivia Sykes 244 1st Caitlin Smith 34
Girls 2nd Genevieve Durrans 222 2nd= Genevieve Durrans 5
  3rd Caitlin Smith 214   Daisy Smith 5
  4th Daisy Smith 206 4th Olivia Sykes 1
U/17 1st George Orton 279 1st George Orton 8
Boys 2nd     2nd    
  3rd     3rd    
  4th     4th    


Sprint Award (U20/Senior)

Harvey Woodhead setting new Pb’s in the 100m and his performances in the Northern League and Championship events.


Track and Field Honours

English Schools Track & Field Championships

NB: Selection for the English requires meeting stringent qualifying times

George Orton        8th place in Intermediate Boy’s Long Jump final


Inter-Counties Track & Field Championships

No athletes were selected this year.


Regional Championships

U20/U23/Senior Northern Track & Field Championships 13th/14thJune

            4th place           Harvey Woodhead in U20 100m H1 (11.71)

            8th place           Harvey Woodhead in U20 100m Final (11.53)

            5th place           Harvey Woodhead in U20 200m H1 (23.79)

            9th place           Richard Smith in SM 5000m final (15:16.23)

U13/U15/U17 Northern Track & Field Championships,15th/16th August


Silver:         George Orton in U17M Long Jump final (6.46m)          


Warwickshire Track & Field Championships 13th/14th June


Gold:                Peter Brookes in SM 5000m (15:12.58)


Yorkshire Track & Field Championships, 23rd/24th May

Numbers participating were very disappointing, particularly in the U13/U15 and U17 age groups.

4 medals won

Gold:                Naomi Harvey-Franklin in WW 400mH (72.64secs)

                        George Orton in U17M Long Jump (6.23m)

                        George Orton in U17M 100mH (15.84secs)


            Bronze:            Ruby Sykes in U20W 400m (63.77secs)

Other performances:

Harvey Woodhead        6th in H1 of U20 100m (11.99secs)

Harvey Woodhead        5th in H2 of U20M 200m (23.87secs)

Lavell Pierre                 6th in H2 of U20M 800m (2:06.35)

Kai Sunman                  6th in H1 of U20M 800m (2:03.78)

Ruby Sykes                  4th in final of U20W 800m (2:27.76)

Lavell Pierre                 4th in final of U20M 1500m (4:16.58)

Alex Robinson              9th in final of U20M 1500m (4:32.89)


Yorkshire Combined Track & Field Championships (06&07/09/15)

No athletes competed this year

Yorkshire Veterans Track & Field Championships (27/09/15)

Results not available yet- will update later.     


West Yorkshire League T & F Championships (06/09/15)

 11 medals won

Gold:                Lavell Pierre in U20M 800m    


Silver  :           Jude Calvert-Green in U13B Shot                    

Seth Calvert-Smith in U15B Long Jump

Daisy Smith in U17W 300m

Daisy Smith in U17W Discus

Eddie Hinchliffe U20M Javelin

Eddie Hinchliffe U20M 1500m

Will Lander in SM 200m


Bronze:        Jude Calvert-Green in U13B Long Jump

Seth Calvert-Smith in U15B 100m

Seth Calvert-Smith in U15B Discus

Other Performances:

                        Isabel Richardson 4th in U11G 800m

Jude Calvert-Green 6th in U13B 100m  

                        Daisy Smith 4th in U17W 200m

Harvey Woodhead 4th in U20M 100m

Harvey Woodhead 4th in U20M 200m


West Yorkshire Schools T & F Championships (14/6/2014)

3 medals won

Gold:                George Orton in IB Long Jump




Bronze:        Genevieve Durrans in IG High Jump

                        Lavell Pierre in SB 1500m

4th Place           Harvey Woodhead in SB 100m

A very disappointing turn out from the club’s junior athletes especially when we have such high numbers on training nights.


Northern T & F League

Holmfirth Harriers AC have secured a place at 2nd Division level for another season in 2016. Many thanks to the athletes, coaches, officials and parental helpers involved. It has been a very close competition with any of 5 teams facing the possibility of relegation after the last match. To lose both of our top female throwers through pregnancy and serious injury meant a deficit of 40-50 points per match on the previous season. New talent emerged with James Knapper, Kit Burgoyne Genevieve Durrans and Faye Doplhin all competing well in their first Northern League competition.

It was disappointing that some of our best athletes chose not to compete or only competed once putting huge pressure on team mates to cover events outside their specialism. However, 15 Athletes played a magnificent role by competing in all 4 matches with another 5 competing in 3. Without their commitment we definitely would have been relegated. They are:

   4 matches

Will Lander                 Craig Sheard      Kai Sunman      Dave Turnbull      Dave Watson

Eddie Hinchliffe         Andy Storr         Lavell Pierre     Dennis St Louis    Zoe Storr

Naomi Harvey-Franklin     Lauren Storr      Ruby Sykes      Daisy Smith                  Genevive Durrans       

  3 matches:

       Harvey Woodhead       James Knapper    Alex Robinson               Sophie Spencer    Ann Smith 



Match points analysis









Match: 1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4
Events Tot/Ave Tot/Ave Tot/Ave Tot/Ave   Tot/Ave Tot/Ave Tot/Ave Tot/Ave
Sprints (3) 22/7.3 33/11 24/8.0 28/9.3   27/9.0 21/7 21/7.0 17/5.7
Endurance (M4, W3) 36/9.0 21/5.25 40/10.0 41/10.25   28/9.3 41/13.7 29/9.7 34/11.3
Hurdles (2) 16/8.0 7/3.5 14/7.0 19/9.5   32/16 30/15.0 25/12.5 25/12.5
Jumps (3) 31/7.8 24/8 33/11.0 29/9.7   26/6.5 27/9 28/9.3 24/8.0
Pole Vault (1) 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0   7/7 0/0 0/0 0/0
Throws (4) 37/9.25 29/7.25 22/5.5 27/6.75   21/5.25 16/4.0 24/8.0 24/6.0
League Points Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Standing Total points      
Blackpool 5th, 2 5th, 2 1st, 6 2nd, 5 2nd, 15 1456.5      
Bolton 1st, 6 3rd, 4 2nd, 5 1st, 6 1st, 21 1498      
East Cheshire 4th, 3 1st, 6 6th, 1 6th, 1 6th, 11 1352      
Holmfirth 2nd, 5 4th, 3 5th, 2 5th, 2 4th, 12 1327.5      
Leigh 3rd, 4 6th, 1 4th, 3 4th, 3 5th, 11 1304      
Seaton 6th, 1 2nd, 5 3rd, 4 3rd, 4 3rd, 14 1279      
Final results                  
Position 1 2 3 4 5 6      
Club Bolton Blackpool Seaton Holmfirth Leigh E Cheshire      
League points 21 15 14 12 11 11      


The Men’s Top Point Scorers awards are:

1st         Dennis St Louis         (70)

2nd        Eddie Hinchliffe         (62)

3rd        Kai Sunman                (60)

The Women’s Top Point Scorers awards are:

1st    Naomi Harvey-Franklin             (123)

2nd        Zoe Storr                    (72)

3rd        Ruby Sykes                 (70).


Many thanks to Jake Richardson who organised the celebration evening following the final match at Bolton. It was very well attended and enjoyed by everyone.


West Yorkshire T & F League

This league continues to offer excellent value with 7 meetings including the championship at the end of the season.

It provides valuable competition for U11’s through to senior athletes. The more events completed in each meeting and the more meetings attended are more likely to result in higher cumulative scores.


Cumulative Scores:

                     Name              Pos Points

U11’s  Isabel Richardson                    7         

        Matthew Burke                         4


U13’s   Olivia Evans                              3

Jude Calvert-Green                  3         

                                    Louis Pain                                 1


U15’s   Seth Calvert Green       10th      18

        Callum Durrans                         7

            George Hobbs                           4

                        U17’s   Genevieve Durrans        11th       18

Daisy Smith                              1                      

                                    George Orton               13th      7

                        U20’s   Lavell Pierre                 5th        33

                                    Harvey Woodhead        10th      22

                                    Alex Robinson                          7


                        SW      Rowan Eastwood           12th      17        


                        SM       Will Lander                  9th        23

                                    Jordan Toth                 12th      14

                                    Russell Bamforth                      3

Overall Club Points           206

Holmfirth Harriers AC finished in 8th place in Division 1. They will be in Division 2 in 2016.


Yorkshire & District Athletics League

Many thanks to Neil Calvert and Julie Green for taking on the responsibilities of Team Manager for 2015. They were positive with the youngsters throughout and were very inclusive by ensuring that everyone who wanted to compete were given the opportunity. There were significant gaps in some of the age groups with just 3 U15 girl and 3 U17 girls. Similarly only 3 U13 boys and 1 U17 boy. Both the U13 girls and Under 15 boys were well represented. We must aim to fill all the events if we are to have a chance of being promoted in 2016.


Division Two

Position Team Match Points League Points
1 Scunthorpe and District 691 11
2 Barton & District 471 10
3 Holmfirth 244 5
4 Pudsey & Bramley 190 5
5 Wombwell 61  

.New Club Records

11 club records set:

Seth Calvert-Green                  8.7secs (i) in U15B 60m 2015

Genevieve Durrans                    1.50m in U17G High Jump

George Orton                           9.10secs (i) in U17M 60m

George Orton                           9.05secs (i) in U17M 60m

George Orton                           6.47m in U17M Long Jump

Eddie Hinchliffe                      40.25m in U20M Javelin 2015

Eddie Hinchliffe                      40.37m in U20M Javelin 2015

Harvey Woodhead                    17.65secs (i) in U20M 150m 2015

Dennis St Louis             35.12m in SM Hammer 2015                                                    

Jordan Toth                             36.92secs (i) in SM 300m 2015

Will Lander                              17.51secs (i) in SM 150m 2015


Trafford Grand Prix Meetings

Athletes competed in both the Endurance, Sprints and Throws events – led to improved personal best performances. – Vital for those trying to get English Schools qualifying times.

Highgate Night of 10,000m on Saturday 16th May.

Peter Brookes ran an excellent time setting a new personal best of 30:53.45 to finish 12th in Heat 4.



Mondays – T&F sessions - for athletes competing in the leagues - very successful leading to improved performances and participation in the Senior T & F League, especially in the technical events.


Athletes:         Genevieve Durrans        Callum Durrans      Eddie Hinchliffe     Emily Travis        Jacob Foster

            Rob Hinchliffe-Smith   Dennis St Louis     Ann Smith               Seth Calvert-Green

            Jude Calvert-Green      Kit Burgoyne           Faye Dolphin          Phil Hewitt                  

Daisy Smith                  Cara Penfold          Olivia Evans            Lydia Throssell

            Aideen Farrell              Harry Hobbs          George Hobbs         Ella McFarlane


Coaches:          John McFadzean          Adrienne Dewhirst       Alwyn Dewhirst     Eddie Hinchliffe

Helpers:           Aideen Farrell    Ann Smith      Neil Calvert      Cara Penfield        Phil Scaramossa                 

Speed endurance sessions – Put on by Alwyn Dewhirst throughout the summer at Leeds Road Track on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Differentiated for U17’s to senior athletes and for 800/1500m and 3K/5K/10K.

Speed endurance sessions – Put on by Kath Farquhar at Leeds Road Track on Tuesdays and other venues on Thursdays. For U13’s to seniors.

Sprint sessions – Put on by John Buckingham on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Neiley throughout the summer – for U15’s to senior athletes.

Junior Track and Field sessions - on Club nights – huge numbers attending.

Lead Coaches: John McFadzean, Richard Szostak, Russell Kaye. Supported by: Chris Hobson, Sharon Travis, Craig Sheard. Robert Hinchliffe-Smith, Eddie Hinchliffe, Sophie Spencer and Charlotte Cooper.

Saturday Morning Club – very popular with 40 youngsters registered.

Coaches and group leaders: John McFadzean, Richard Szostak, Russell Kaye, Max Kaye, Alex France, Craig Sheard. Robert Hinchliffe-Smith, Eddie Hinchliffe and Sophie Spencer.

Star Track 2015 – Very successful with around 200 youngsters attending over the 4 venues at Scisset, Salendine Nook, Rowley Lane and Neiley.

Coaches and Group Leaders: John McFadzean, Alex France, , Robert Hinchliffe-Smith.

Eddie Hinchliffe, Sophie Spencer, Daisy Smith, Sophie Kettlewell and Chris Hobson.




Kevin Johns – Time Keeper at International level 3

Kevin’s completed his first year on the Timekeepers Peer Group in October – one of only 3 in the UK selected to look after the appointment and interests of all Timekeepers for National Meetings.

Kevin’s work record as timekeeper includes:

Indoor open meetings, Northern Athletics Indoor Championships, British Athletics Indoor Championships and England Athletics Indoor Championships all held at the EIS, Sheffield.

Northern T&F League and West Yorkshire T&F League meetings held throughout the summer.

Yorkshire, Northern, National T&F Championships and Inter-counties T&F Championships.

Track Judges

John Buckingham officiated at Northern League matches, WYT&F League meetings, West Yorkshire Championships and Yorkshire Championships.

John Townsend officiated at all Northern Leagues also YADAL and West Yorkshire T&F League matches.

Ian Moore officiated at Northern League and West Yorkshire T&F League matches.


Field Officials

Adrienne Dewhirst, John McFadzean, Richard Szostak John Townsend, officiated at League matches throughout the summer.

Many thanks to all the officials and helpers who officiated at the Northern Track & Field League matches in 2015

John McFadzean          Adrienne Dewhirst       Richard Szostak           Ian Moore       

Kevin Johns                  Jonathan Sykes            Cara Penfold                Alwyn Dewhirst           

Russell Kaye                 Dan Shaw                     John Townsend             Craig Sheard

Stuart Orton                Dennis St Louis Ann Smith                    Jim Durrans


Many thanks to all the officials and helpers who officiated at the Yorkshire and District Athletics League matches in 2015

            John McFadzean          Adrienne Dewhirst       John Townsend            Ian Moore

            Marcus Trossell            Jim Durrans                 Jon Bedingfield            Ann Smith

Pre-2012 news, results & reports are on the old sites: 2009 to 2011, Pre-2009

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