Track & Field Review 2014

Senior Track and Field Awards 2014

Best performance by a male      
Position Name of Athlete Event Time / distance Points
1 JordanToth 100m 10.72 102



Richard Smith







Peter Brookes

Max Kaye

Kai Sunman










Best performance by a female      
Position Name of Athlete Event Time / distance Points
1 Maggie Sykes 3000m 10:44.40 81
2 Lauren Storr 100mH 15.80 80
3 Katie Franklin Discus 25.25m 79
4 Sophie Spencer 800m 2:26.7 78
5 Naomi Harvey-Franklin High Jump 1.40m 76


Hallas Trophy

Best Championship Performance in 2014

Peter Brookes   1st U/23 in the Midland Counties AA 5000m

               and 3rd U/23 in the Midland Counties AA 3000m

Top point scorer in the Northern Track and Field League

Position      Name of Athlete Points
Robert Hinchliffe-Smith 77

Kai Sunman

Dennis St Louis



Position Name of Athlete Points
1 Naomi Harvey-Franklin 99
2 Katie Franklin 97
3 Aideen Farrell 74


Junior Track and Field Awards 2014

Age Group Position Top Points Scorer Points Position Most Improved Athlete Points added
U/11 1st Olivia Evans 158 1st Isabel Richardson +25
Girls 2nd Isabel Richardson 136 2nd Olivia Evans +8
  3rd Ruby Yates 76 3rd Ruby Yates +2
U/11 1st Marshall Wilkinson 164 1st Marshall Wilkinson +8
Boys 2nd     2nd    
  3rd     3rd    
U/13 1st Millie Yates 163 1st Millie Yates +41
Girls 2nd Alice Orton 154 2nd Sophie Kettlewell +26
  3rd Daisy Sanderson 133 3rd Alice Orton +1
  4th Frances Keddie 131 4th    
U/13 1st Callum Durrans 251 1st Callum Durrans +29
Boys 2nd Sam Bedingfield 214 2nd Archie Hall +7
  3rd Jude Calvert-Green 204 3rd Sam Bedingfield +4
  4th Archie Hall 169 4th    
U/15 1st Genevieve Durrans 223 1st Libby Shepherd +25
Girls 2nd Ellie Sunman 217 2nd Annie Stone +12
  3rd Libby Shepherd 210 3rd= Genevieve Durrans +8
  4th Sophie Allen 172   Ellie Sunman +8
U/15 1st Seth Calvert-Green 231 1st Daniel Howatson +29
Boys 2nd Jimmy Burke 192 2nd Seth Calvert-Green ‘+5
  3rd Daniel Howatson 165 3rd    
  4th Henry Burgess 116 4th    
U/17 1st Olivia Sykes 259 1st Lucy Taylor +34
Girls 2nd Erica Byram 226 2nd Erica Byram +27
  3rd Lucy Taylor 211 3rd Olivia Sykes +23
  4th Daisy Smith 207 4th Daisy Smith +4
U/17 1st Lavell Pierre 292 1st= Andew Farquhar +39
Boys 2nd Harvey Woodhead 284   Alex Robinson +39
  3rd George Orton 271 3rd Lavell Pierre +29
  4th Alex Robinson 253 4th Harvey Woodhead +27


Sprint Award (U20/Senior)

Will Lander


Track and Field Honours

English Schools Track & Field Championships

NB: Selection for the English requires meeting stringent qualifying times

Olivia Sykes 9th in the final of the Intermediate Girls 3000m in 10:07.86

Inter-Counties Track & Field Championships

No athletes were selected this year.

Regional Championships

U20/U23/Senior Northern Track & Field Championships

            Jordan Toth                             3rd in Heat 2 of SM 100m

            Richard Smith                          15th in SM 1500m        

U13/U15/U17 Northern Track & Field Championships

            Lavell Pierre                             4th in final of U17M 3000m

            Genevieve Durrans                    6th in U15 G High Jump

                                                            7th in H1 of U15G 800m                       


U20/U23/Senior Midland Track & Field Championships

            Peter Brooks                             1st U23 5000m

                                                            3rd U23 3000m

Yorkshire Track & Field Championships

Participants were up on 2013.

5 medals won

Gold:                Lauren Tyrell in SW High Jump

Silver:             Richard Smith in SM 5000m

Bronze:            George Orton in U17 100mH

Eddie Hinchliffe in U20 2000mS/C

                        Robert Hinchliffe-Smith in U20M 400m

Other performances:

Harvey Woodhead 7th in H2 of U17 100m

Jordan Toth           2nd in H2 of SM 100m

                                                      4th in final of SM 100m

Harvey Woodhead 2nd in H2 U17M 200m

                                                      6th in final of U17M 200m

Lauren Storr          5th in SW final of 100mH

Olivia Sykes           4th in H2 of U17 W800m

                                                      5th in final of U17W 800m

Lavell Pierre           4th in H2 of U17M 800m

                                                      8th in final of U17M 800m

Ruby Sykes            6th in final of U20W 800m

Kai Sunman            7th in final of U20M 800m

Olivia Sykes           4th in final of U17W 1500m

Alex Robinson        10th in final of U17M 1500m

Claire Leaver           4th in final of SW 3000m


Yorkshire Combined Track & Field Championships (06&07/09/14)

No medals won this year, but 2 senior women who had competed well for us in a wide range of events in the Northern T & F League, decided to have a go.

Naomi Harvey-Franklin 4th with 3161 points

Aideen Farrell              5th with 2299 points

Yorkshire Veterans Track & Field Championships (12/10/14)

                                    Rowan Eastwood           1st V45 in 100m

                                                                        1st V45 in 200m

                                                                        2nd in High Jump

                                                                        2nd in Long Jump

                                    Tim Cock                      2nd V70 in 5000m

                                    Val Battye                    3rd V55 in 3000m                     


West Yorkshire League T & F Championships (06&07/09/14)

 21 medals won

Gold:                Lavell Pierre in U17M 800m     

                        Ruby Sykes in U20W 1500m

                        Eddie Hinchliffe U20M Javelin

                        Robert Hinchliffe Smith in U20M High Jump


Silver  :           Jude Calvert-Green in U13B High Jump                       

George Orton in U17B Long Jump

Harvey Woodhead in U17M 100m

Harvey Woodhead in U17M 200m

Lavell Pierre in U17M 1500m

Ruby Sykes in U20W 800m

Kai Sunman in U20M 800m

Robert Hinchliffe-Smith in U20M Javelin

Will Lander in SM 100m

Will Lander in SM 200m


Bronze:        Sam Bedingfield in U13B 80m

                        Sam Bedingfield in U13B 800m

Seth Calvert-Smith in U15B High Jump

Seth Calvert-Smith in U15B Discus

Daisy Smith in U17W 800m

Daisy Smith in U17W Javelin

Robert Hinchliffe-Smith in U20M 1500m



West Yorkshire Schools T & F Championships (14/6/2014)

4 medals won

Gold:                Olivia Sykes in IG 3000m


Silver:              Genevieve Durrans in JG High Jump


Bronze:        George Orton in IB 100mH

                        Lavell Pierre in IB 1500m

4th Place           Isaac Shepherd in IB 400m

                        Sophie Spencer in SG 800m

6th Place:          Libby Shepherd in JG Shot

A disappointing turn out from the club’s junior athletes especially when we have such high numbers on training nights.

Northern T & F League

Match points analysis Men           Women        
Match: 1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4  
Events Tot/Ave Tot/Ave Tot/Ave Tot/Ave   Tot/Ave Tot/Ave Tot/Ave Tot/Ave  
Sprints (3) 30/10 39/13.0 35/11.7 33/11.0   21/7 28/9,3 25/8.3 31/10.3  
Endurance (M4, W3) 43/10.8 53/13.3 46/11.5 51/12.75   36/12 38/12.7 36/12.0 38/12.7  
Hurdles (2) 15/7.5 14/7.0 14/7.0 16/8,0   28/14 19/9.5 27/13.5 26/13.0  
Jumps (3) 19/6.3 21/7.0 24/8.0 27/9,0   31/10.3 31/10.3 30/7.5 30/10.0  
Pole Vault (1) 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0   0/0 0/0 7/7 07-Jul  
Throws (4) 23/5.8 21/5.3 29/7.3 38/9.5   11.7 52/13.0 49/12.25 40/10.0  
League Points Match 1 Match 2 Match 3

Match 4

Bolton 6, 1st 3, 4th 3,4th 2, 5th 14, 4th          
Burnley & Pendle 1, 6th 1, 6th 2,5th 3, 4th 7, 5th          
Bury 2, 5th 2, 5th 1,6th 1, 6th 6, 6th          
Holmfirth 3, 4th 6,1st 5,2nd 5, 2nd 19, 2nd          
Leigh 5, 2nd 5, 2nd 6,1st 6, 1st 22, 1st          
Seaton 4, 3rd 4, 3rd 4,3rd 4, 3rd 16, 3rd          
Final results                    
Position 1 2 3 4 5 6        
Club Leigh Holm Seaton Bolton B & P Bury        
League points 1521.0 1467.0 1423.0 1273.0 1134.0 997.5        

Hosting Match 3 at Wakefield

Hosting a Track & Field Match at this level is a tremendous responsibility and requires commitment from a specialist team in addition to the usual team of officials provided by the Club.

A huge thank you to Adrienne Dewhirst Meeting Organiser, Kevin Johns Chief Time Keeper, John McFadzean Field Referee, John Townsend and Craig Sheard Marksmen, Results team Jaqueline and Andy France, Announcer Tim Cock, First Aid Vicky Lawton, Helen Petit and Lucy Farquhar, Track Judge Russ Kaye, Lap Times Alwyn Dewhirst, Field Officials Richard Szostak, Adrienne Dewhirst, Rowan Eastwood, Dan Shaw, Steve Beardsell, Jonny Sykes, Phil Senior car parking and assistant Grounds man.

The Men’s Top Point Scorers awards are:

1st Robert Hinchliffe-Smith (77), 2nd = Kai Sunman and Dennis St Louis (53.

The Women’s Top Point Scorers awards are:

1st Naomi Harvey-Franklin (99), 2nd Katie franklin (97), 3rd Aideen Farrell (74).

                Holmfirth Harriers AC have been consistent in acquitting themselves well at this high level. All the athletes, coaches, officials and parental helpers played a magnificent role in securing their place in Division 2 for the 2015 season.

Many thanks to Aideen Farrell and Cara Penfold who organised the celebration evening following the final match at Leigh. It was very well attended and enjoyed by everyone.


West Yorkshire T & F League

This league continues to offer excellent value with 7 meetings including the championship at the end of the season.

It provides valuable competition for U11’s through to senior athletes. The more events completed in each meeting and the more meetings attended are more likely to result in higher cumulative scores.

Cumulative Scores:

                     Name              Pos   Points

U13’s   Callum Durrans            4th        39

            Sam Bedingfield                       6

            Jude Calvert-Green                  5

            Archie Hall                              2

U15’s   Genevieve Durrans        8th        23

U17’s   Daisy Smith                              14

            Olivia Sykes                             12

            Lavell Pierre                 4th        35

            Harvey Woodhead                    15

            George Orton                           12

            Alex Robinson                          2

U20’s   Ruby Sykes                   5th        30

            Kai Sunman                   8th        17

            Robert Hinchliffe-Smith          15

            Eddie Hinchliffe                      13

SW      Rowan Eastwood                       12

            Aideen Farrell                          10

SM       Will Lander                              16

Overall Club Points           280

Holmfirth Harriers AC finished in 2nd place in Division 2 and should move into Division 1 in 2015.


Yorkshire & District Athletics League


Position Team Match Points League Points
1 Cleethorpes & District AC 1040 12
2   Halifax Harriers & AC 901 8
3 Wakefield D. H. & AC  806 7
4  Skyrac AC 528 3


Division One

Position Team Match Points League Points
1 Longwood H. & AC 748 9
2 Barnsley AC 728 9
3 Pontefract AC 659 6
4 Holmfirth Harriers AC 624 6

Division Two

Position Team Match Points League Points
1 Barton, Hull & Goole 437 11
2 Keighley and Craven AC 380 10
3 Wombwell 143 5
4 Pudsey & Bradford 133 4

This League was so successful in 2013 that another division was included for 2014. Holmfirth started well in Division 1, but clashes with other events saw participation levels fall towards the end. The final match at Wakefield was abandoned due to appalling weather conditions making competition dangerous.

Holmfirth are likely to start 2015 in division 2 and providing most team places are filled should do well.

Many thanks to Julie Orton and Heather Kettlewell for all the hard work they put in to their role as Team Managers for the Junior League.

Also thanks to Neil Calvert for agreeing to take over the Team Manager role for 2015.


New Club Records

10 club records set:

Callum Durrans                         1:44.07secs in U13BM 600m

                                                            1.43m in U13B High Jump

Ellie Sunman                             2:00.85 in U15G 600m

Genevieve Durrans                    1.51m in U15G High Jump

Olivia Sykes                            4:38.3in U17W 1500m

                                                            10:07.86 in U17W 3000m

Naomi Harvey-Franklin             3161 points in JW Heptathlon

                                                                        also in SW Heptathlon

Harvey Woodhead                    17.65secs (i) in U20M 150m 2015

                                                                         also in SM 150m 2015

Craig Sheard                            40.44secs (i) in SM 300m 2014


Records missed from previous years:

Naomi Harvey-Franklin            70.70secs in U20W 400mH 2013

                                           also in SW 400mH 2013

Lauren Storr                            27.38m in SW 200m 2010

                                                8.3(i) in SW 60m 2010

                                                9.47(i) in SW 60mH 2010

Jordan Toth                             7.03secs in U20M 60m 2009

6.96secs (i) in SM 60m 2012

                                                6.93secs (i) in SM 60m 2013

Trafford Grand Prix Meetings

Athletes competed in both the Endurance, Sprints and Throws events – led to improved personal best performances. – Vital for those trying to get English Schools qualifying times.

Trafford BMC 10,000m Fest on Saturday 6th September.

Richard Smith ran an excellent time setting a new personal best of 31:32.91 to finish 4th in the ‘B’ Race.



Mondays – T&F sessions - for athletes competing in the leagues - very successful leading to improved performances and participation in the Senior T & F League, especially in the technical events.

Athletes:         Genevieve Durrans        Callum Durrans             Katie Zientek               Eddie Hinchliffe

                        Rob Hinchliffe-Smith   Dennis St Louis Rowan Eastwood           Seth Calvert-Green

                        Jude Calvert-Green      Georgia Bottomley        Lauren Storr                Zoe Storr

                        Richard Smith              Phil Hewitt                   Daisy Smith                  Katie Franklin

                        Naomi Harvey-Franklin   Aideen Farrell              Scott Smith                

Coaches:          John McFadzean          Adrienne Dewhirst       Alwyn Dewhirst            Lauren Storr.

Helpers:           Aideen Farrell              Ann Smith,                   Neil Calvert,                 Tracy Durrans             

Speed endurance sessions – Put on by Alwyn Dewhirst throughout the summer at Leeds Road Track on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Differentiated for U17’s to senior athletes and for 800/1500m and 3K/5K/10K.

Speed endurance sessions – Put on by Kath Farquhar at Leeds Road Track on Tuesdays and other venues on Thursdays. For U13’s to seniors.

Sprint sessions – Put on by John Buckingham on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Neiley throughout the summer – for U15’s to senior athletes.

Junior Track and Field sessions - on Club nights – huge numbers attending – Lead Coaches: John McFadzean, Richard Szostak, Russell Kaye. Supported by: Geoff Hall, Chris Hobson, Sharon Travis, Alex France, Craig Sheard. Robert Hinchliffe-Smith, Eddie Hinchliffe, Sophie Spencer, Zoe Storr and Katherine McFadzean

Saturday Morning Club – very popular with 40 youngsters registered – Coaches and group leaders: John McFadzean, Richard Szostak, Russell Kaye, Max Kaye, Alex France, Craig Sheard. Robert Hinchliffe-Smith, Eddie Hinchliffe, Sophie Spencer, Zoe Storr and Katherine McFadzean

Star Track 2014 – Very successful with around 200 youngsters attending over the 4 venues at Scisset, Salendine Nook, Rowley Lane and Neiley.

Coaches and Group Leaders: John McFadzean, Max Kaye, Alex France, Craig Sheard, Robert Hinchliffe-Smith.

Eddie Hinchliffe, Sophie Spencer, Daisy Smith, Lavell Pierre, Ted Chamberlain, George Orton and Chris Hobson



 Kevin Johns – Time Keeper at International level 3

Kevin’s highlight of the year was Officiating at the Glasgow Diamond League meeting at Hampden Park. Test event for the Commonwealth Games.

Kevin was asked if he would be prepared to be on the Timekeepers peer group. One of only three people in the UK who select for national meetings and look after the interests of all timekeepers.

Kevin’s work record as timekeeper includes:

Indoor open meetings, Northern Athletics Indoor Championships,  British Athletics Indoor Championships  and England Athletics Indoor Championships all held at the EIS, Sheffield.

Northern T&F League, Yorkshire & District Athletic League, Northern Vets T&F League and West Yorkshire T&F League meetings held throughout the summer.

Yorkshire, Northern, National T&F Championships and Intercounties T&F Championships.

Glasgow Diamond League Meeting

Track Judges

John Buckingham officiated at some WYT&F League meetings and at the BMC Grand Prix meetings at Trafford. John also took on the role of chief Track Judge for the 3rd Northern T&F League match.

John Townsend who moved into the Holme Valley during the summer was quickly involved with officiating at West Yorkshire T&F League meetings and took on the role of Starters Marksman in the Northern League match we hosted.


Field Officials

Adrienne Dewhirst, John McFadzean, Richard Szostak, Andy Storr & Russell Kaye officiated at League matches throughout the summer.

Many thanks to all the officials and helpers who officiated at the Northern Track & Field League matches in 2014

John McFadzean          Adrienne Dewhirst       Richard Szostak           John Buckingham

Kevin Johns                  Jonathan Sykes            Cara Penfold                Alwyn Dewhirst

Russell Kaye                 Dan Shaw                     Diane Taylor                 John Townsend

Katherine McFadzean   Stuart Orton                Dennis St Louis Ann Smith


Many thanks to all the officials and helpers who officiated at the Yorkshire and District Athletics League matches in 2013

Julie Orton                  James Durrans             Andy Vaughn                Jonathan Bedingfield

Heather Kettlewell       Ann Smith                    Andrew Kettlewell        Neil Calvert

Pre-2012 news, results & reports are on the old sites: 2009 to 2011, Pre-2009

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