Northern League Match 4

 NorthernRFLTeam 2014

Northern Track and Field League Match 4 2014

Holmfirth Harriers’ athletes were out in force for the final Northern League Division 2 match held at Leigh Stadium on Saturday. The weather conditions were warm and blustery which meant that times and distances would be of less importance than the points gained from the athletes finishing position in each event. The athletes responded magnificently to the task.

 Lauren Storr was in top form in the 100m Hurdles crossing the line almost 2 seconds ahead of the rest of the field in 15.8secs. Naomi Harvey Franklin, having clattered the first hurdle found herself in 3rd but with great determination fought her way to the line finishing the fastest of the trio to win the ‘B’ race.  All three athletes recorded identical times of 19.4secs. Naomi also had a splendid run in the ‘A’ 400m to finish 3rd in 72.6secs. She was ably supported by Aideen Farrell, also in 3rd with a time of 78.3secs. Jake Richardson showed great determination in the men’s Hurdles events recording times of 23.1secs and 70.8secs in the 110mH and 400mH respectively. Team mate Robert Hinchliffe-Smith also ran well to record 24.4secs in the 110mH and 71.5secs in the 400m. His efforts in the technical kept him at the top of the ‘Top Point Scorers’ board.

RobertJakeHurdles 2014

Kai NTFL 2014The clubs distance athletes were in good form. Lavell Pierre in the ‘A’ 800m ran strongly to finish 2nd in 2min 04.4secs, whilst team mate Kai Sunman stormed round to win the ‘B’ race in 2mins 07.3secs. Max Kaye stepped up to run the ‘A’ 1500m in Richard Smith’s absence. He settled in just behind the leaders as they set a cracking pace then in the finishing straight found the strength to pass Leigh and Bolton athletes to win in 4mins 08.9secs. Alex Robinson had an excellent run to record 4mins 35.3secs against older athletes, crossing the line in 3rd place. Jake Richardson and Eddie Hinchliffe both gained valuable team points with their 3rd places in the ‘A’ and ‘B’ 3000m Steeplechase. Dave Watson ran another strong race to finish 2nd in the 5000m in 15mins 43.6secs, whilst Stuart Sharp ensured maximum points with his win in the ‘B’ race to slash his PB down to 15mins 53.3secs. 

                The women’s distance athletes also had a brilliant day. Sophie Spencer stepped up to the 800m to clock 2mins 19.7secs and take 2nd place with a massive personal best. She was ably supported by Ruby Sykes who won the ‘B’ event in 2mins 30.6secs. Maggie Sykes and Claire Leaver both had splendid runs to finish 2nd ‘A’ and ‘B’ in the 3000m with times of 11mins 11.2secs and 11mins 30.7secs. Later in the day Olivia Sykes teamed up with Claire to record 4mins 56.7secs and 5mins 13.4secs respectively in the 1500m both finishing 2nd in their respective races.

In the Sprint events Jordan Toth was in good form to win the100m in 11.1secs despite pulling his hamstring as he ran through the line. Will Lander finished a splendid 2nd in the ‘B’ race with his 11.7secs effort. With Jordan unable to take further part in the match, Will took on the responsibility of the ‘A’ 200m to run close to his best time with 23.6secs. He was joined by Craig Sheard, gaining valuable points in the ‘B’ 200m event with a time of 25.2.secs. Kai Sunman and Lavell Pierre recorded identical times of 55.7secs in their 400m events to pick up valuable team points.CraigFaisal Guest100 2014

                Lauren Storr and Naomi Harvey Franklin were in great shape, both finishing 2nd in their respective 100m races with times of 13.5secs and 13.7secs. Lauren was in action later in the day recording 28.4secs in the 200m, ably supported by Cara Penfield running 30.8secs in the ‘B’ race. Sophie Spencer made a welcome return from warm weather training to finish a superb 2nd place in the ‘A’ 400m with 63.4secs, whilst Ruby Sykes, a great team player, picked up valuable points in the ‘B’ 400m with 67.4secs.

                Faisal Shah and Robert Hinchliffe Smith performed well to finish 3rd ‘A’ and 2nd ‘B’ in the Long Jump with distances of 5.14m and 4.83m respectively.  Robert later teamed up with Eddie Hinchliffe in both the High Jump and Triple Jump. Robert’s best result was his 1.55m in the High jump, whist Eddie’s was his 9.71m in the Triple Jump.

                It was great to see Holmfirth’s top female high jumpers, Naomi Harvey-Franklin and Lucy Taylor renewing their rivalry in the jumps.  On this occasion Naomi had the edge over Lucy with 1.40m against 1.35m, however both finished 3rd in their respective events. Naomi’s busy schedule and expertise in the technical events took her 2 points clear to win the ‘Top Points Scorer’ award with a total of 99 points, just 2 points ahead of Katie Franklin on 97 points. AideenPoleVault 2014In the Horizontal jumps Aideen Farrell set a new PB of 9.52m in the Triple jump and recorded 4.12m in the Long Jump. She was given good support by Lucy jumping 8.50m and 4.01m respectively. In The women’s Pole Vault Aideen cleared 1.70m to finish 3rd. Her overall points total of 74 moving her into 3rd place.

   DenisJav 2014                             Dennis St Louis goes from strength to strength setting new PB’s in all the Throws events. His best results were his 3rd ‘A’ in the Hammer and Shot with 29.88m and 10.06m respectively. In the Javelin Eddie Hinchliffe was third ‘A’ with 31.49m, whilst Dennis finished 2nd ‘B’ with 29.92m. Dennis’ efforts took him into the medals of the ‘Top Point Scorer’’ Award with his joint 2nd place with Kai Sunman, both on 53 points. Max Kaye gave valuable support to finish 2nd in the ‘B’ Discus and 3rd in the ‘B’ Shot, whilst John McFadzean made his first appearance in the Hammer circle this season with his 16.17m effort.

Katie Franklin and Zoe Storr once again contributed a large proportion of the team points total with their 40 points in the throws. In the ‘A’ events Katie took 2nd in the Javelin with 26.46m, 3rdin the ‘A’ Discus with 22.14m and 4th in the Shot with 7.32m. Whilst in the ‘B’ events Zoe was 2nd in the Hammer and Discus with 13.79m and 14.32m respectively and 3rd in the Shot with 6.23m. In the Javelin Daisy Smith gave good support finishing 3rd ‘B’ with a distance of 14.62m.

                In the relays at the end of the day’s competition the Holmfirth athletes were up against sprint relay specialists. In the Men’s 4 X 100m Holmfirth were 4th in 47.5secs and 3rd in the 4 X 400m in 3mins 42.3secs. . In the Women’s 4 X 100m Holmfirth were 3rd in 54.4secs and a splendid second in the 4X400m in 4mins 23.4secs.

The team of officials also worked hard throughout the day, Team Managers John McFadzean and Adrienne Dewhirst, Time keepers Jonathan Sykes and Alwyn Dewhirst, Track Judge John Buckingham, Field Judges Richard Szostac, John McFadzean, Adrienne Dewhirst, Katherine McFadzean, Craig Sheard, Phil Hewitt and Dennis St Louis all played a valuable part gaining maximum officiating points to add to the total.

                After 37 events, Holmfirth were in 2nd place with 390 points behind Leigh on 409 points. Seaton finished 3rd on 357 points, Burnley & Pendle 4th on 277 points, Bolton 5th on 232 points and Bury 6th on224 points. The final League positions were close with Leigh winners (22), 2nd Holmfirth (19), 3rd Seaton (16), 4th Bolton (14), 5th Burnley & Pendle (7), 6th Bury (6).

The Men’s Top Point Scorers awards are: 1st Robert Hinchliffe-Smith (77), 2nd = Kai Sunman and Dennis St Louis (53.

The Women’s Top Point Scorers awards are: 1st Naomi Harvey-Franklin (99), 2nd Katie franklin (97), 3rd Aideen Farrell (74).

Teamcamp 2014                Holmfirth Harriers AC have been consistent in acquitting themselves well at this high level. All the athletes, coaches, officials and parental helpers played a magnificent role in securing their place in Division 2 for the 2015 season.


Photos by Jake, Ann and guests on Flickr here

Senior & U20 Top Point Scorers in the Northern League 2014    
Men   League Match     Total Current      
Name 1 2 3 4 Points position      
Will Lander 14 13 3 13 43 5      
Harvey Woodhead 6 2 10 0 (18)        
Faisal Shah 12 4 0 7 23        
Craig Sheard 7 0 2 5 14        
Kai Sunman 13 14 11 15 53 2=      
Richard Smith 12 16 14 0 42 6      
Scott Smith 4 6 0 0 10        
Phil Hewitt 5 0 0 0 5        
Jake Richardson 8 11 8 14 41 7      
Dave Watson 9 7 10 7 33 9      
Stuart Sharp 7 7 7 7 28        
Rob Hinchliffe-Smith 19 15 21 22 77 1      
Eddie Hinchliffe 12 0 0 17 29 10      
Andy Storr 14 0 8 0 22        
Jordan Toth 0 22 20 9 51 4      
Lavell Pierre 0 14 11 14 (39) 8      
Peter Brook 0 6 5 0 11        
Dennis St Louis 0 15 18 20 53 2=      
Reece Joseph 0 3 0 0 (3)        
George Orton 0 11 12 0 (23)        
Max Kaye 0 0 0 20 20        
John McFadzean 0 0 0 3 3        
Alex Robinson 0 0 0 4 (4)        
Women   League Match   Total Current      
Name 1 2 3 4 Points position      
Naomi Harvey-Franklin 28 21 24 26 99 1      
Zoe Storr 13 0 5 16 34 10      
Sophie Spencer 16 18 0 16 50 6      
Lauren Storr 0 0 22 24 46 7      
Ruby Sykes 16 21 11 13 61 5      
Olivia Sykes 12 11 10 7 (40) 9      
Claire Leaver 11 12 0 10 33        
Maggie Sykes 6 6 10 7 29        
Aideen Farrell 29 0 22 23 74 3      
Katie Zientek 23 26 23 0 72 4      
Daisy Smith 9 0 0 4 13        
Cara Penfold 0 6 0 4 10        
Katie Franklin 0 39 34 24 97 2      
Adrienne Dewhirst 0 4 4 0 8        
Lucy Farquhar 0 0 7 0 7        
Lucy Taylor 0 16 13 13 (42) 8      
Louise Adams     2   (2)        
Match points analysis    Men        Women      
Match: 1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4
Events Tot/Ave Tot/Ave Tot/Ave Tot/Ave   Tot/Ave Tot/Ave Tot/Ave Tot/Ave
Sprints (3) 30/10 39/13.0 35/11.7 33/11.0   21/7 28/9,3 25/8.3 31/10.3
Endurance (M4, W3) 43/10.8 53/13.3 46/11.5 51/12.75   36/12 38/12.7 36/12.0 38/12.7
Hurdles (2) 15/7.5 14/7.0 14/7.0 16/8,0   28/14 19/9.5 27/13.5 26/13.0
Jumps (3) 19/6.3 21/7.0 24/8.0 27/9,0   31/10.3 31/10.3 30/7.5 30/10.0
Pole Vault (1) 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0   0/0 0/0 7/7 07-Jul
Throws (4) 23/5.8 21/5.3 29/7.3 38/9.5   11.7 52/13.0 49/12.25 40/10.0
League Points Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Standing        
Bolton 6, 1st 3, 4th 3,4th 2, 5th 14, 4th        
Burnley & Pendle 1, 6th 1, 6th 2,5th 3, 4th 7, 5th        
Bury 2, 5th 2, 5th 1,6th 1, 6th 6, 6th        
Holmfirth 3, 4th 6,1st  5,2nd 5, 2nd 19, 2nd        
Leigh 5, 2nd 5, 2nd 6,1st 6, 1st 22, 1st        
Seaton 4, 3rd  4, 3rd 4,3rd 4, 3rd 16, 3rd        
Final results                  
Position 1 2 3 4 5 6      
Club Leigh Holm Seaton Bolton B & P Bury      
League points 1521.0 1467.0 1423.0 1273.0 1134.0 997.5      


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