Gilberdyke 10, 2019



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Gilberdyke 10 2019: A cautionary tale

It was hot this August Bank holiday Sunday. I was returning to the Gilberdyke 10 mile road race, staged by Humber Triathletes for the last four years. It is a super flat, really boring race which involves running around a flat open square of a course.

Way back in January this year I’d managed the Ferriby 10 in 80 minutes to the second so 7 months on a sub 80 finish looked really likely. Usually, I don’t find heat too much of problem and was delighted to find there were water stations every two miles. All looked good, the picture above tells my story, everything going well, a nice cushion built to bring me in comfortably under 80 minutes. I was sensible, drinking at all stations and accepting extra water from a friendly Kingston upon Hull Athlete supporting his son on the day. As you can see, my pace is dropping but not by a great deal and my Garmin was telling me I am averaging a 7.55 pace. The only ascent was a tiny rise over a bridge near the start of the race and a further tiny ascent back over the same bridge 9 plus miles in. I’m tired, not particularly feeling as if I’m overheating, its going to be a close less than a mile to go...

The last thing I remember was seeing the bridge in the distance maybe 400m ahead, feeling good ought to make it. Then, I’m being escorted from a vehicle into a first aid van feeling very wuzzy, I can’t walk on my own. I’m being told I haven’t fainted; I stagger onto a bed in the van and quickly told my temperature is 40 degrees centigrade, that’s hot! I’m lying down covered in things to cool me down and only just staying conscious.

Over the next 45 minutes the first medics are absolutely brilliant and look after me superbly. Gradually I come round as I cool down and realise I’m at the finish of the race. How have I got there? My garmin later confirmed I did the last half mile at a 2 minute pace and I only remember getting out of the vehicle at the finish of the race. There is a 3 or 4 minute period of my life I do not remember. Scary that my heat stroke came on without any prior warning before things started to go badly wrong. The first aiders simply said they had picked me up on the finishing side of the bridge. I don’t remember crossing the bridge.

I must thank the race organisers for the care and concern taken over my welfare and finally Ali Carter, a paramedic who was marshalling as a member of Humber Triathletes on the day, who drove me to Hull Royal Infirmary at least 10 miles away and looked after me until family and friends arrived, thanks Nicky and Helen.

An apology to my long suffering running mate Keith Ross for frightening him silly with my heat stroke. He held the fourt at his home while my heart was checked, everything ok, and to be told my blood was dehydrated, not really surprising!! It took 3 litres of hydro enhanced water to rehydrate. 

So what do I take from my experience? It is vital that race organisers have really good first aid and medical facilities at the race which Triathletes did. If it is so hot, simply don’t run so fast, that’s the biggy and my stupidity – lesson learnt. More light heartedly, maybe I should give up running flat road races and stick to my first love; nice hilly road races. 

Congratulations to Ian Tiffany the only other Holmfirth Harrier racing at Gilberdyke who got around a more sensible 11.44 minute a mile pace. Superb effort to him and his partner Laura. 

Phil Hanson, 25 August 2019



<p style="text-align: center; font-size: 11px;"><img src="/assets/images/road/2019/BishopHalf/Before.jpg" alt="Before" /></p>
<p class="caption" style="text-align: center; font-size: 11px;">Before L-R<br />Phil Hanson, Rob Davies and Michael Watson</p>

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