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YVAA Multi – terrain GP 7, Bingley

On Tuesday 23rd August we travelled over to Bingley for a new event put on by Bingley Harriers.

This started with a climb similar in steepness to the field in which the alpaca live and then passed through fields and woods before a stretch along the canal followed by another climb before the short drop down to the finish. There were some rough sections underfoot where concentration was needed with several people taking a tumble on protruding stones. An excellent course provided you kept your concentration!

Dave Watson in his first year of tackling these races won his 6th race and was backed up by other good performances by both men and women. Once again the women only managed three runners all of whom came in the top 6. If they could get a 4th runner out on a regular basis they would surely win the team trophy for the overall year’s events.

Holmfirth Results:

Margaret Sykes 3rd, 1st F40; Jacqui Khoueiry 4th, 3rd F35; Lesley Ewart 6th, 1st F55.

Dave Watson 1st, 1st M40; James Durrans 7th, 3rd M40; Jonathan Sykes 9th, 3rd M45; John Ewart 17th, 1st M55; David Roberts 31st, M45; Maz Khoueiry 34th, M40; Rob Kersey 37th, 1st M60; Bill Wade 89th, 1st M70; Tim Cock 92nd, 3rd M65; Simon Edwards 104th, M35








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Rob Kersey

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The Vets section is one of the largest and best supported sections of the club. We compete in YVAA Grand Prix multi – terrain races, Road Relays Championships, Cross Country Championships, Fell Championships, the many Road Championship races and The Track and Field Champs. We also send teams to the National Road Relays at Sutton Park each year. Road Relay and Cross Country


Championships are particularly well supported with 30+ runners often turning out for the teams. When we get a strong team out we are always in contention for medals and have won silver medals at the BMAF National Road Relays in recent years as well as many Yorkshire medals in all events.


Winning medals is great for the individuals, teams and club of course but is not the only reason for taking part. Without the non ‘A team’ runners these events would be not only a lot less enjoyable as a team but virtually empty as an event. We welcome all vets into our teams no matter what standard so if you’re over 35 and fancy a run out please join us.



Vets records

For some time Ive been trying to collect your times for distances from 5K to a Marathon. While I have managed to cajole some information out of a few people there are still loads of runners that have not given me any times. As you will see (on the MEMBER's Page) weve posted those. Almost any time supplied is likely to get in the top ten simply because we have so few contributors. So why not let me have your times and see yourself in the top ten for your age group. Click on the link (to e-amil ROB) at the top of the page, then Email your best times. Thanks.


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