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Summer Cross Country Sunday 18th of September, 2011

Summer Cross Country Sunday 18th of September.
(Subject to scrutiny)
  Under 11 Girls YEAR 5 AND BELOW
Numb Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
389 Sophie Allen 40s 11m 11s 10m 31s 4
391 Eve Middleton 50s 11m 22s 10m 32s 5
355 Lia Carter 1m 10s 11m 37s 10m 27s 2
379 Jennifer Melia 1m 45s 12m 26s 10m 41s 6
349 Sophie Kettlewell 2m 15s 12m 28s 10m 13s 1
363 Lucy Giles 2m 0s 12m 28s 10m 28s 3
390 Kate Dickinson 2m 15s 13m 34s 11m 19s 7
364 Anna Giles 2m 0s 13m 35s 11m 35s 8
  Under 11 Boys
Numb Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
351 Jimmy Burke 0s 9m 43s 9m 43s 4
387 Nicky Farquhar 20s 10m 15s 9m 55s 6
384 Finn Kerry 40s 10m 51s 10m 11s 7
357 Daniel Howatson 1m 15s 10m 55s 9m 40s 3
373 Ollie Rees 50s 11m 11s 10m 21s 10
374 Tom Haley-Porteous 1m 50s 11m 28s 9m 38s 2
354 James Hughes 1m 15s 11m 32s 10m 17s 9
359 George Hobbs 2m 0s 11m 34s 9m 34s 1
370 Dominic Drake 2m 0s 11m 54s 9m 54s 5
352 Joshua Draper 1m 35s 12m 19s 10m 44s 12
386 Charlie Cross 2m 15s 12m 27s 10m 12s 8
358 Harry Hobbs 2m 50s 13m 13s 10m 23s 11
  Under 13 Girls
Numb Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
372 Olivia Sykes 0s 15m 46s 15m46s 1
361 Erica Byram 5s 16m 01s 15m 56s 2
360 Lucy Byram 35s 16m 37s 16m 02s 3
381 Anna Charles worth 3m 0s 19m 07s 16m 07s 4
394 Daisy Mae Smith 2m 45s 20m 10s 17m 25s 10
356 Charlotte Eastwood 2m 45s 20m 20s 17m 35s 13
382 Esme Wilde 3m 30s 20m 38s 17m 08s 8
398 Caitlin Smith 4m 30s 20m 42s 16m 12s 5
369 Lily Barr 3m 45s 20m 49s 17m 04s 7
365 Ciara Ellis 4m 30s 20m 52s 16m 22s 6
368 Isobel Drake 3m 45s 20m 55s 17m 10s 9
353 Lucy Hughes 3m 30s 21m 08s 17m 38s 14
375 Issy Haley-Porteous 3m 45s 21m 14s 17m 29s 11
350 Amy Kettlewell 4m 0s 21m 30s 17m 30s 12
376 Keelan Fitton 1m 5s DNF
372 Genevieve Durrans 2m 25s DNF
  Under 13 Boys
Numb Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
362 Andrew Farquhar 10s 15m 32s 15m 22s 1
388 Lewis Bartholomhew 0s 16m 0s 16m 0s 2
385 Shea Kerry 2m 15s 18m 22s 16m 07s 3
  Over 13 Girls
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
371 Ruby Sykes 0s 20m 33s 20m 33s 1
380 Sophie Spencer 1m 30s 23m 11s 21m 41s 3
378 Sophie Wiliams 3m 30s 24m 54s 21m 24s 2
  Over 13 Boys
Numb Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
367 Lewis Byram 0s 16m 52s 16m 52s 1
383 Aaron Arthur 2m 0s 19m 17s 17m 17s 3
392 Robert Hinchliffe 2m 40s 19m 42s 17m 02s 2
393 Eddie Hichcliffe 2m 20s 20m 23s 18m 03s 5
366 Daniel Ellis 7m 24m 54s 17m 54s 4





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