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Rob Kersey - Vets secretary .

YVAA race programme for 2010

YVAA Grand Prix Race 1 of 2010 Season

YVAA CC Championships 2010
Calderdale Way Relay
YVAA Grand Prix Awards 2009
Last Race in YVAA Grand Prix Series for 2009
YVAA Fell Champs at the Cop Hill Fell Race, Meltham
YVAA 15 Mile Championships
YVAA Track and Field Championships
Vets in the Prizes Again in YVAA Grand Prix Race
Road Relays
YVAA 10 K Championships
Starbeck YVAA GP – 20 th August
Knavesmire YVAA GP – 29 th July
YVAA 6th Monthly Grand Prix of 2009 Sunday 12th July, Neiley
YVAA 5th Monthly Grand Prix of 2009
YVAA 3rd Monthly Grand Prix of 2009, Haw Park Woods, Walton, Wakefield.
BMAF Road Relays 2009
YVAA Grand Prix, Race 2, Meltham
YVAA Cross Country Championships at York
1st YVAA Grand Prix 2009

YVAA Grand Prix Race 10 and the 2009 Grand Prix Season
YVAA ½ M, 15 mile and Fell Championships

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Vets Records

For some time I’ve been trying to collect your times for distances from 5K to a Marathon. While I have managed to cajole some information out of a few people there are still loads of runners that have not given me any times. As you will see (on the MEMBER's Page) we’ve posted those. Almost any time supplied is likely to get in the top ten simply because we have so few contributors. So why not let me have your times and see yourself in the top ten for your age group. Click on the link (to e-amil ROB) at the top of the page, then Email your best times. Thanks.

Rachael and Kiersti at a previous YVAA Road Relay Championships, at Esholt 2007

Calderdale 2007

Calderdale 2007

Dianne and Al storming up the hill

Welcome to Holmfirth Harriers



Some of the many vets that compete for the club at a Yorkshire Cross Country Championship


The vets section is one of the largest and best supported sections of the club. We compete in YVAA Grand Prix multi – terrain races, Road Relays Championships, Cross Country Championships, Fell Championships, the many Road Championship races and The Track and Field Champs. We also send teams to the National Road Relays at Sutton Park each year. Road Relay and Cross Country Championships are particularly well supported with 30+ runners often turning out for the teams. When we get a strong team out we are always in contention for medals and have won silver medals at the BMAF National Road Relays in recent years as well as many Yorkshire medals in all events.

Winning medals is great for the individuals, teams and club of course but is not the only reason for taking part. Without the non ‘A team’ runners these events would be not only a lot less enjoyable as a team but virtually empty as an event. We welcome all vets into our teams no matter what standard so if you’re over 35 and fancy a run out please join us.

The YVAA multi terrain Grand prix races are a good place to start; about 5 – 6 miles long they vary from almost pancake flat as at York to quite hilly (!!!), like our own from Neiley. Races can be entered on the day, only cost £3 to enter, cater for all age ranges and abilities, from 35 to 80+. At most races there is also free food and a hot drink after the race. Prizes are given for all 5 year age ranges, depending on entry, with several spot prizes as well.

If anyone would like to try out these races next year and would like a lift please see Rob (on the desk) at the club or by email.

Details of all the races we compete in can be found at www.yvaa.org as well as from Rob and the Vets Notice Board at the Clubhouse.


YVAA Programme for 2010 (as at 15/02/2010)






Organising Club


Grand Prix



6 th


Graves Park, Sheffield


CC Champs



7 th



Meltham AC

1 st



21 st







20 th



Kippax Harriers

2 nd



9 th



Beverley AC

10K Champs



1 st


Kirkstall Abbey

Kirkstall Harriers

3 rd



3 rd



Keighley & Craven

5m Champs



16 th



Pudsey Pacers

4 th



22 nd



Valley Striders

5 th



11 th



Holmfirth Harriers

6 th



28 th




7 th



19 th



Spenborough AC




10 th


Aireville School

Skipton AC

8 th



31 st



Holmfirth Harriers

15m Champs



7 th



Meltham AC

Fell Champs



14 th


Spen Stadium


9 th



28 th



Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers

10mile Champs













Ilkley Harriers

Road Relays





Wetherby or Holmfirth


2011 CC Champs



Individual Awards

Six races completed to qualify. Best 7 scores from 10 races.

Age at AGM date determines age category for the season in grand prix awards . If you change age category during the season you are eligible for the new category in the individual grand prix races.  This paragraph does not apply to championship races.


Fees and Race Details

Race entry fee is £3.00 for grand prix races. Enter on the day.

Championships (except for the fell race) must be pre-entered as per the entry form.

New for 2010

As an experiment at Grand Prix races there will be an additional 10 spot prizes (£5 vouchers) given out at the finish of the race, starting at 10 th and then every 15 places this will hopefully get prizes to those that rarely win anything but will mean prize giving won’t go on any longer!.


YVAA Grand Prix Race 1 of 2010 Season


The first race of the 2010 season kicked off with a great race from Meltham Cricket Club on Sunday 7 th March. After a sharp frost overnight the ground was still firm and so made for fast going on most of the almost entirely off road course. The course is tough but none of the climbs are steep (other than the short one near the start that is), with plenty of fast gentle downhill running in the second half of the race for the 160 entrants.

Dave Watson making one of his rare appearances in these races showed a clean pair of heels to the rest of the field winning by some 2 1/ 2 minutes in 36:49. Nigel Moran 9 th, 2 nd M35, 41:28 was next home, followed by Gary Graham 11 th, 3 rd M40, 41:44; Steve Rimmer 15 th, M45, 42:36; Chris Beadle 21 st M40, 43:23; Rob Kersey 24 th, 1 st M55, 43:59; Ian Moore 31 st, M50, 45:15; Dave Knight 36 th, M40, 46:27; Maz Khoueiry 39 th, M35, 47:22; Julia Johnson 43 rd, 1 st F45, 47:59; Lesley Ewart 47 th, 1 st F55, 48:27; Rachael Mellor 49 th, 2 nd F45, 48:50; Katie Woodings 94 th, F40, 53:07; Bill Wade 97 th, 2 nd M65, 54:04; Bill Hunter 106 th, M60, 55:33; Claire Whitwam 114 th, F45, 56:58; Dayn Wilkins 115 th, M45, 57:06; Tim Cock 117 th, 3 rd M65, 57:17; and John Ritchie 121 st, M50, 57:56.

Besides the usual age group prizes 37 in all yesterday, every 15 th runner also got a spot prize as they finished. The usual free hot drinks and food were available to runners after the race and thanks are given to all the Meltham team for a very successful event.


The Kippax race doesn’t look like it is going ahead so we are trying to fill the gap so in that case the next races will be the 10K Champs at Beverley on the 9 th May, the National Road Relays on the 15 th May, then the Kirkstall GP on Tuesday 1 st June.


I will be putting a list up for those people that are available for selection for the National Road Relays shortly. Please look at your diaries to see if you are available.


YVAA CC Championships 2010

On a fog shrouded morning about 20 Holmfirth Harriers made the journey into South Yorkshire for the 33 rd YVAA CC Championships hosted by Sheffield Runners. For those of you that do not know it, Graves Park is a great cross country venue with excellent ground underfoot and mostly gentle inclines rather than steep climbs. The course consisted of two laps (5K) for the ladies and M70+ men and four laps (10K) for all the other men. The ladies and M50+ men raced at 12.30 pm and the M35 - 49 men at 1.30pm allowing runners to watch and support their teams in the race they’re not part of.

The ladies and the M50+ men waiting for the first race.


The ladies race got the team off to an absolutely cracking start with Helen Berry first and first F35, Kath Farquhar second and first F40 and Dawn Broome, though struggling with asthma in the fog, came in 11 th, 3 rd F45 and this was enough to also secure first team in the F35 – 44 age groups.

In the F45+ age groups Lesley Ewart was first F55 and with Karen Sinkinson and Jean Shotter, who hobbled in with a calf pull, still managed to gain 2 nd team medals. Paula Gould didn’t make the team (first 3) but still came 15 th overall and 5 th in her age group. Once again a great result for the ladies.




The Men’s M50 – 59 team were fielding a weaker team than in most past years and were further weakened at the last minute when John Ewart had to pull out with a foot injury. Andy Hauser, Rob Kersey, Steve White and Jeff Pierson were the only survivors and with only Andy being what you might call a usual 1 st team member, were never in the hunt for team medals. Rob in his last year in the M55’s managed to get 3 rd M55 but noted he was beaten by 4 M60’s!

Steve White and Malcolm Sizer in close order on lap 3

Other local races, parents taking children to junior events (us older ones don’t have that problem anymore!) and the usual crop of injuries and illnesses had really decimated our M35 – 49 teams; with only four runners available we combined our runners to form one M35 – 39 team although Gary Graham and Chris Beadle are both M40’s. With the absence of Dave Watson, last year’s winner, Gavin Baxter took on the mantle of our fastest man on the day and had a good run to finish 17 th, 7 th M35. John Broome and Gary Graham were backing up well and the three of them were rewarded with 3 rd M35 team only one point behind the first and second placed teams. In fact if any of them had managed to finish just one place higher they would have won the first team prize as Gary was the highest placed 3 rd counter. So close and yet so far!

Gavin (left), first counter for Holmfirth looms out of the mist and Gary (above) pulling away from the chasing runner.


John, Gavin and Gary with their 3 rd place medals (don’t know who the old man on the left is!)


The full results are on the YVAA website at www.yvaa.org , Holmfirth results below.

Many thanks to all those that ran on Saturday in the CC I hope everyone enjoyed it, at least after you had finished! The first Grand Prix event of 2010 is at Meltham on Sunday 7 th March starting at 9.30 am.

The next big team event for the Vets will be the Vets (BMAF) National Road Relays at Sutton Park on Saturday 15 th May. Please put that date in your diaries and try to be available for selection if needed.


Holmfirth Results

Race 1 Ladies and M70+ men (5K)

Helen Berry 1 st, 1 st F35, 20:09; Kath Farquhar 2 nd, 1 st F40, 20:22; Dawn Broome 11 th, 3 rd F45, 21:56; Lesley Ewart 14 th, 1 st F55, 22:24; Paula Gould 15 th, 5 th F35, 22:50; Karen Sinkinson 21 st, 5 th F45, 24:05; Jean Shotter 29 th, 7 th F45, 25:32.


Helen, Kath and Dawn 1 st team F35 – 44

Lesley, Karen and Jean 2 nd team F45+


Race 2 M50 – 69

Andy Hauser 22 nd, 16 th M50, 42:36; Rob Kersey 29 th, 3 rd M55, 43:12, Bill Wade 72 nd, 9 th M65, 50:09; Malcolm Sizer 77 th,17 th M60, 52:39; Steve White 78 th, 16 th M55, 53:17, Tim Cock 81 st, 10 th M65, 55:45


Race 3 M35 – 49

Gavin Baxter 17 th,7 th M35, 38:38; John Broome 20 th, 8 th M35, 39:12; Gary Graham 25 th, 8 th M40, 40:23; Chris Beadle 42 nd,16 th M40, 43:50


Gavin, John and Gary 3 rd Team M35 - 39


Calderdale Way Relay

Simon and Dave discuss tactics before the start.

After more changes than I can remember the Vets team was more or less finalised late on Saturday afternoon; only Helen Pettit not sure if she was going to be ok to run. With all my kit (inc. trail and fell shoes), spare club vests, pins, sandwiches and coffee I left at 6.30 confident that I had everything. Confident until I got to West Vale that is when I discovered I had not got my glasses so couldn’t read the maps when checking how to get to the changeover points!

Oh well I was confident I would remember when I got there!!

Dave Shepherd and Simon Rawnsley climbed out of a car just two cars away and we wandered over to register meeting up with Lesley and Jax (ladies team) and Bill and Jake (open team).

Everyone ambled to the start and the whistle started the teams off in the gloom of a cold but fine morning.

As the sun came up over the hills the morning warmed slightly and conditions were good if wet underfoot for running with only a light breeze and no fog. Dave and simon ran a good solid first leg (apart from a navigational error costing them 4 or 5 minutes) and got to the finish well before the cut off in 1:38:12.

Simon and Dave at Crag Vale after completing Leg 1, having handed over to the to Ian Arnold and Ian Shuttleworth seen below with Chris Couch.

Ian S having run this leg last year should have been familiar with the route but according to Ian A could remember little of it before they started. Anyway they seemed to get round ok the Shuttleworth built in satnav coming into play perhaps and just beat the ‘cut off time’ handing over to the waiting Blandine Renou and Rob Halstead in 1:13:54.


The leg 3 pairing had changed three times over the last two weeks as team members dropped out or were swapped from one leg to another so it was fortunate Blandine had reccied the leg with Andy Shaw the week before.

Leg 3 is the shortest leg, about 4 1/ 2 miles but starts with a cruel climb, undulates across the edge of the moor and over fields and then climbs to the finish at Blackshaw Head.

Another strong run saw them finish in 53:56 handing over to Andy Hauser and John Ewart our strongest pairing of the day. John, only recently declared fit after a calf injury might have otherwise been in the first team and was almost whisked away at the last minute when Mark Buckingham injured his knee. Luckily for us Mark recovered sufficiently to.

From the end of Leg 2 I moved onto the start of leg 5 at Wainstalls and arrived in time to spot Julia’s blond head just visible, sticking out of the top of a multicoloured quilt trying to keep warm in the biting wind.

John and Andy climb to the finish on Leg 4 in a time of 1:16:52, (22 nd).

Karen Sinkinson and Julia Johnson (ladies team), Helen Pettit (Vets team), Katie Woodings and Dave Knight (running for Honley High – traitors!) and Bill Hunter (Vets team) before the mass start on Leg 5.

Leg 5 is the only leg I haven’t run and with Helen being full of cold it looked as if I might have to fill in, but feeling better on the day she was determined to run so I was able to put that uncertain pleasure off another year. They ploughed through the mud bravely and finished in 1:23:36.

The last leg, Leg 6 is one of the longest but has also been the most changed over the years and now has rather too much road for many of the fell runners liking. Ashley Smith who was originally down to run Leg 5 had reluctantly agreed to run the last leg with Jonathon Sykes there being no one else left anywhere near Jonathon’s speed. Ash hates the road so it must have been torture to him but that’s what running a team event is all about - everyone running for the best of the team not themselves. Fast or slow every member is just as important as the next and pairs need to stick together to help the slower runner along.

Ash and Jonathon about half way through the ten miles of Leg 6 which they finished in 1:28:36.


Many thanks and well done to all those that took part.

Final positions below, 63 rd out of 117 teams, a very respectable result especially given the number of dropouts we had.




Holmfirth Harriers Vets

Dave Shepherd


Ian Arnold


Rob Halstead


Andy Hauser


Bill Hunter


Jonathan Sykes





Simon Rawnsley


Ian Shuttleworth


Blandine Renou


John Ewart


Helen Pettit


Ashley Smith

































YVAA Grand Prix Awards 2009

Lesley receiving her trophy from Father Christmas while Rob looks on!


With only a small number of our fastest vets doing enough (6) races to qualify for the overall championships our medal winners were well down on what we are actually capable of as a club. Nearly all the lady Vets that have run a race this year would have been in the medals had they done enough races. Many thanks to all those that do turn out for this series of really varied and enjoyable events, I hope you all come back next year and complete more races. The provisional programme is now on the website and copies are available on the Vets Board at the club. Next year we are going to be giving 10 extra spot prizes throughout the race to spread the prizes to more people.


Medal winners:

F45, 3 rd Claire Whitwam a great effort for someone who thought they would be at the back of the field at the start of the season.

F50, 1 st Lesley Ewart

M55, 1 st Rob Kersey

M65, 1 st Bill Wade


Last Race in YVAA Grand Prix Series for 2009

Ten Harriers made it to the last race in the series from St. Mary’s Track at Cleckheaton, hosted by Spenborough AC. A mild sunny morning with just a light breeze made a pleasant change from the recent gales and rain and 174 runners from 35 to 80 years made the start (and finished). The course is mostly off road and after the recent heavy rains was very muddy in parts with most runners coming home well spattered in mud. Karen and particularly Helen seemed to avoid or float over the mud as they both came back remarkably clean!

Helen Pettit and Bill Wade after one lap of the track


The race was won by James Covacs of Pudsey Pacers in 32:09. Pudsey Pacers had a massive number of runners out and with Pudsey and Bramley filled most of the first 10 places. First home for Holmfirth in 14 th place was Gary Graham, M40 in 34:58 followed by Lesley Ewart, 54 th, 2 nd lady and 1 st F55 in 41:03. We then had 3 runners in quick succession, Karen Sinkinson, 71 st, 3 rd F45, 42:46; Helen Pettit,74 th, F45, 42:53; Bill Wade, 79 th, 3 rd M65, 43:10. Rob Halstead, 94 th, M50 was next in 44:18 and then Tim Cock, M65 who got the better of Claire Whitwam, F45 this week, Tim was 107 th in 47:11 and Claire 121 st in 48:47.

Gary and Lesley our 1 st and 2 nd runners to finish.



Karen and Helen (top) and Bill about to cross the finish line.


The next race for Vets will be the Calderdale Way Relay in December and then the YVAA Cross Country Championships at Graves Park Sheffield, on Saturday 6 th February. We want to get our usual 30+ runners out for this event so make sure you get your name to Rob or put it on the list on the Vets Noticeboard at the clubhouse.

The next YVAA Grand Prix race is the first of the 2010 series at Meltham on Sunday 7th March starting at 9.30 am. These events are some of the most enjoyable you can run and are well within the capabilities of all our runners. Why not try a few out next year, you will find all the dates and venues on the Holmfirth Harriers Race Calendar and on the Vets Pages on this website and more details on www.yvaa.org


YVAA Fell Champs at the Cop Hill Fell Race, Meltham

A good contingent of Harriers made their way to Meltham for the Cop Hill Fell Race on Sunday with the ladies in particular doing well in the prize giving. First Harrier home was Andy Shaw (M45), getting back to some form of fitness again after a year or two of problems.


Andy Shaw at the end of lap 1

At the end of the first lap he was followed by Steve Rimmer (M45) and then Chris Beadle and Helen Berry (F35) and 1 st lady. Helen overtook and got away from Chris on the second lap but was overtaken in turn by Tessa walker of Salford Harriers to lose the 1 st lady spot.

Next Harrier through on the first lap was Maz Khoueiry who had lost a shoe in the mud and had to stop to retrieve it. Julia Johnson (F45), second Holmfirth lady was not far behind with Karen Sinkinson (F45) and Lesley Ewart (F55) in site as they came down the hill.

By the end of the first lap the family battle between Rob and daughter Rebecca Halstead looked to be sown up for Rob who was well in front at the half way stage. Rebecca battled back hard on the second lap to pass her dad in the last ¼ of a mile, see photo below.


Chris Beadle just ahead of Helen Berry

Chris Whitelegg


Rebecca enjoying her moment of triumph having caught dad, Rob, on the final run in.


At the finish Holmfirth runners picked up a number of trophies/prizes including 1 st and 2 nd F45 for Julia and Karen, 1 st F55 for Lesley and 1 st Ladies team in the open event, 3 rd M35 for Chris Beadle, 3 rd M45 for Andy, 1 st M60 for Rod Futrell and 2 nd M65 for Tim.


Results for all Holmfirth runners given below .

10 th Andy Shaw, 3 rd M45, 41:09; 20 th Steve Rimmer M45, 42:51; 24 th Helen Berry,1 st F35 and 2 nd Lady, 44:25; 26 th Chris Beadle, 3 rd M35, 45:11; 37 th Maz Khoueiry M35, 48:39, 43 rd Julia Johnson,1st F45, 50:02; 48 th Rod Futrell, 1 st M60, 50:53; 52 nd Lesley Ewart, 1 st F55, 51:14; 61 st Karen Sinkinson, 2 nd F45, 52:53; 65 th Rebecca Halstead, F, 54:18; 66 th Rob Halstead, M50, 54:30; 73 rd Chris Whitelegg, M50, 55:17; 80 th Andrew Hambleton, M55, 56:03; 84 th Debbie Hall, F, 57:07; 86 th Tim Cock, 2 nd M65, 58:29





YVAA 15 Mile Championships

(Incorporated in Holmfirth 15)

With many of the Holmfirth Vets involved in marshalling and other jobs connected to the race only 12 Holmfirth vets took part in the YVAA 15 mile Championships on the last Sunday in October. Three medals were picked up on the day with Lesley Ewart winning the F55, Tim Cock the M65, and Jane Stirling 2 nd in the F35 category.


Some of the Holmfirth vets at the Holmfirth 15 mile Championships

(lots of excellent photos at www.flamingphotography.co.uk)

Full Holmfirth Vets results below.

49 th Michael Pennington M50, 1:46:47; 58 th, 1 st F55 Lesley Ewart, 1:50:05; 79 th, Rob Ellis M45, 1:55:29; 80 th Ian Goulding M45, 1:55:55; 103 rd Mark Dolan M45, 2:01:58; 117 th Sean Doyle M40, 2:07:00; 118 th Steve White M55, 2:07:25; 125 th Dave Riddle M45, 2:08:41; 134 th Jason Kaushal M40, 2:09:52; 137 th Claire Whitwam F45, 2:12:51;

146 th, 1 st M65 Tim Cock, 2:17:03; 155 th, 2 nd F35 Jane Stirling, 2:23:42.


YVAA Track and Field Championships

A very small contingent of Holmfirth Vets competed in the recent track and field championships at Spenborough. Whether this is due to the relevant recent addition to Holmfirth Harriers of track and field and so a lack of tradition in this discipline for our older runners, I’m not sure but I’m sure we could do quite well if more of us had a go. Of the runners that did travel several came away with medals.

We seem to have a new star in our midst, that I have to confess I do not know, but Jennifer Ibbitson , F50 was 1 st lady and 1 st F50 in the hammer, 43.5m, the shot, 10.18m, the discus, 30.60m and the triple jump, 7.33m. She was also 2 nd lady and 1 st F50 in the javelin, 24.13m

Jacqueline France was 1 st lady and 1 st F45 in the 5000m in 20:21.7; Tim Cock was 1 st M65 in the 5000m in 24:34.3 and Robert Ellis was 3 rd M45 in 1500m in 5:30.5 and 5 th M45 in the 5000m in 21:06.5.

Well done to all of them and I’ll have to push to get a few more out next year.


Vets in the Prizes Again in YVAA Grand Prix Race


On Sunday a small group of Holmfirth Harriers Vets travelled to Greetland to the penultimate YVAA Grand Prix race of the 2009 season. In sunny calm conditions, very different to Saturday’s gales, 7 runners made the trip to this mostly off road multi – terrain race of about 6 miles. Stainland Lions organised the event and as usual everything was of a very high standard. The hilly route was well marshalled and flagged and a fantastic spread of food was available to competitors after the event while they awaited the results. Numbers were slightly down on other races this year probably due to the twice rearranged event and the tough course but 120 runners made it two the finish including two over 70’s!

Holmfirth results:

21 st Rob Kersey, 1 st M55, 43:06; 61 st Helen Pettit, 2 nd F45, 50:46; 62 nd Bill Wade, 2 nd M65, 50:54; 69 th Dayn Wilkins, M45, 52:11; 72 nd Steve White, M55, 53:01; 74 th Tim Cock, 3 rd M65, 53:52; 82 nd Claire Whitwam, 3 rd F45, 55:14

The last race of the series will be run at Spenborough on Sunday 15 th November when the overall positions for the year will be decided.

These races must be the best value and friendliest in Yorkshire at £3.00 entry, 40 + prizes and usually free food after the event. If you’re over 35 why not have ago next season when the races start again with a local race at Meltham, provisionally February 28 th.




YVAA Road Relays

As usual the Road Relay entries trickled in to start with and then came in with a rush during the last week. In the end we had 69 teams enter but inevitably there were teams that failed to make it on the day. I think we had 54 complete teams on the day which is still a pleasing number given the other events on during the weekend.

Holmfirth managed to get out 6 teams in all which considering the clash of events over the weekend was a pretty good effort. The only categories we failed to get a team out in were the F55+ where we could have potentially had two teams out and also the M60 – 69 in which we have very few runners.

Mike Mavromihales on leg 2 for M40 – 49 team

Considering none of our teams had a complete team made up of the top runners in the age category we had some excellent results and even those teams that were not up with the leaders ran well and seemed to enjoy the event.

All the teams start at the same time, the M35 – 39 and M40 – 49 running 4 legs and all the rest 3 legs of the 2.9 mile course

Ilkley Lido is a great site for the race with a wide grassy expanse for spectators to mingle and waiting runners to jog round/warm up/stretch or just collapse after your leg! Peter Shields and the team from Ilkley did a fantastic

job and everything went without a hitch. The course for those that did not run is tougher than Esholt with the first mile mostly flat followed by a long hard steady climb of approx. 1 mile, that certainly catches you out if you go off too quick (like me) and then nearly a mile down hill to the finish/change over. After the race a wonderful spread of sweet and savoury food was laid on with plentiful teas and coffees in the small pavilion at the Lido. We were blessed with warm weather so the presentation was outside and once again Peter Young produced the final results within seconds of the last runner finishing. The full results will be on the website www.yvaa.org shortly but Holmfirth results are given below.

F35 – 44 , Helen Berry, Margaret Sykes, and Jacqui Khoueiry 1 st team. This was a fantastic achievement if I hope they won’t mind me saying unexpected on the day. Margaret while a good replacement would be the first to admit she isn’t as fast as Kath who was on duty at the junior event that clashed with the Vets Relays and then Jacqui turned up with a broken toe having been stood on by a horse on Saturday! Not knowing whether she would get round but insisting on giving it a go she ran the last leg and still managed to run the 4 th fastest time of the day to Helen’s 3 rd fastest. Helen ran 18:58 and came in 2 nd, Margaret ran 21:41 only dropping 2 places and keeping the team in the hunt for medals and then Jacqui ran 19:17 to overtake Wetherby, Ilkley and then Bingley to win by just 6 seconds.

F45- 54 , Again this team did not have all of our fastest runners in the age group in the team but good solid running by all brought them into 2 nd place. Yvette Arthur ran the first leg in 22:14 before dashing off to Leeds to see Aaron run in the Junior Relays, Rachael Mellor, ran the 2 nd leg and picked up one place and moving them in to 3rd, running19:48 the second fastest (by one second) of the day and Karen Sinkinson ran the last leg in 20:37 again picking up one place to move the team into 2 nd.




Margaret at the end of leg 2 The victorious ladies 35 – 39 team


M35 – 39 , this team was made up of Jared Croft, Jonathan Sykes (M40), Brandon Holroyd and Maz Khoueiry. In a category where only 2 out of 12 runners in the first three teams ran slower than 17:00 they were always going to be up against it in their category race; however the format of all the teams starting together means that on your leg you are racing all the runners around you just like a normal road race. Jared ran 18:03, 5 th; Jonathan18:44, 6 th; Brandon 19:32, 7 th and Maz 20:01, 7 th.

M40 – 49 , we managed to get out two teams in this category which was pleasing as it is the one we have struggled with of late.


All smiles for the M40 – 49 team

The ‘A’team of Ricky South, Mike Mavromihales, Gary Graham and Steve Rimmer, were given a great start by Ricky running the 3 rd fastest leg of the day in 17:24 and bring them back in 1 st place. Mike then ran the 4 th fastest leg, 17:34 to hold on to 1 st by just one second handing over t Gary who was passed but hung on to remain just 6 seconds behind at the last changeover. Steve then came up against the fastest runner in the age group, Stewart McDonald from Bingley who ran exactly 2 minutes faster than Steve in 16:21 but Steve finished comfortably in 2 nd place, an excellent result.



The second team in this category was made up of Phil Hobbs, 20:33; Andrew Kerry, 20:33; Jeff Pierson (M55), 22:08; and Dayn Wilkins, 22:50. Andrew and Dayn stepped in at the last minute to make up a team when we were still two short on Thursday night and Jeff moved down an age group as a spare runner in the M50’s. Once again they were not in contention for the medal places but all had good runs and were a valuable part of the overall team effort.

M50 – 59 , finished 9 th out of 17 teams not bad for a team that was made up of runners who are now (me included) definitely the 2 nd string M50’s in the club. With Kevin’s navigation going a bit wrong leading to him and Liz doing a tour of Yorkshire to find the venue, Ian Moore ran the first leg in 19:29 finishing 12 th, I then took over on leg two, started too quickly catching and passing the two M50’s I could see in front of me only to be caught out by the long climb, where they caught and passed me again! One got away but I managed to hang onto the other all the way to the top passing another M50 on the way and then re-passed the other M50 on the down hill to the finish so picking up two places and running 19:16. Kevin then took over on leg three and ran our fastest leg finishing in 19:12 and picking up one more place to bring us home 9 th.


Kevin working hard all the way to the finish


Overall a very successful and enjoyable day, thanks to all those runners that turned out to represent the club and also the supporters who turned up to watch.

With just two races to go it is very close in some age categories in the GP series so there were a few complaints when the Stainland dates were changed, hence the return to the original date of 4 th October but a change of venue to Greetland (see details on www.yvaa.org website).Then it will be all down to the last GP at Spen on the 15 th November. Will the double decker bus make a re-appearance I wonder?

The YVAA Fell Championships are at Meltham the week before on the 8 th November, entries on the day for this race.

YVAA Cross Country Relays at Graves Park, Sheffield are on October 11 th and while entries would be appreciated in advance they will be taken up to and on the day.

Holmfirth 15 / YVAA 15m Championships details are all now on the website. While you can enter the race on the day you will not count in the championships unless you pre-enter. If you’re not running I will be looking for help with the marshalling and all the other jobs on the day so if you have an hour to spare please volunteer. See me at the desk or email me at robkersey@toucansurf.com

The 2009 ‘YVAA Awards Dinner’ details are on the Home page of the YVAA website www.yvaa.org

Good running,


YVAA 10 K Championships

A very poor turnout at this well organised event, don’t know whether it was due to poor advertising, clash with Yorkshire Road Relays taking out the younger vets and the new Kirklees 10K from Leeds Road taking the ‘Fun Runners’ / non club runners or a combination of all three. Anyway only 66 runners took part on the day which was a great shame after all the hard work of the organiser and team of marshals. All but 4 of the runners were vets and almost 50% were over 50! Six Holmfirth runners ran with some good performances produced. First home for Holmfirth in 15 th place was Jonathan Sykes, 5 th M45 in 38:32, a good time on a fairly tough course. He was followed by Rob Kersey 22 nd, 4 th M55, 40:52; Lesley Ewart 34 th, 2 nd F50, 43:32; Robert Ellis M45, 38 th, 44:34; Margaret Sykes 41 st, 2 nd F40 (her first medal placing I believe, so well done), 45:06; Tim Cock 60 th,1 st M65, 52:34.

Knavesmire YVAA GP – 29 th July

As Tim and I made our way along the M1 towards Leeds through a cloudburst we were speculating about a possible low turnout for York, Knavesmire race given the terrible conditions; low turn out, hardly, 184 finishers another amazing number. In the event the rain had virtually stopped by the time we got there and was no more than a gentle shower as we jogged down to the start. On the start line it started to rain harder and an enormous expanse of black cloud loomed overhead. Within 2 minutes of the start we were running in another cloudburst, the path was like a stream and it was difficult to see through the water streaming of your head! At least the rain made everyone run faster to keep warm or so it seemed to me trying to keep up with the fast pace. As the race progressed the rain eased and conditions became quite pleasant if very wet underfoot. After the race and a nice cooling shower(!) we adjourned to the Knavesmire pub for the after race drinks a wonderful spread of food and the results and prize giving, an excellent evening and many thanks to all at Knavesmire involved in putting on the race.

Holmfirth Results.

John Ewart M50 15 th, 36:24; Rob Kersey M55, 30 th, 3 rd M55, 38:11; Jacqui Dews F35, 49 th, 2 nd F35, 40:25; Lesley Ewart F50, 54 th, 1 st F50, 41:11; Bill Wade M65, 70 th, 2 nd M65, 43:32; Tim Cock M65, 126 th, 50:34


Starbeck YVAA GP – 20 th August

With many of our runners taking part in the Dennis Stitt Fell Race from Cartworth Moor, only a small contingent of Holmfirth Vets travelled up to Harrogate for the Starbeck GP. Julia Johnson returning to the Vets competition came home 1 st Lady and 1 st F45 with Jacqui Khoueiry 2 nd and 1 st F35. Helen Pettit was not far behind in 8 th, 3 rd F40 and the group was supported by Claire Whitwam F45 in 28 th. Claire is likely to finish 3 rd or 4 th overall this year an excellent result considering she didn’t believe herself good enough to run at the beginning of the season. Only two male Holmfirth runners took part Maz Khoueiry M35, finishing 47 th and Bill Wade 62 nd and 1 st M65.



YVAA 6th Monthly Grand Prix of 2009

Sunday 12th July, Neiley

New Route for Vets Race Draws Over 150 Runners

On Sunday, 12 th July Holmfirth Harriers hosted the latest race in the YVAA multi-terrain Grand Prix series. This year a new longer but less severe route was devised that had competitors climbing through Cliff Wood and the Ridings Estate to Brockholes Road and then along the footpath to Thurstonland before turning for the long undulating run to Farnley Tyas. From there they made their way through the rec. to Hall Ing Lane and then back down to Neiley via Ludd Hill Lane and field paths for a final attempted sprint round the ¾ lap of the field to the finish.


Dave leading the charge round the field at the start


Dave Watson was 1 st M35 and 1 st overall of the 152 finishers in 36:40. The next local runner was Andy Whitworth of Meltham, 7 th, closely followed by John Ewart, 8 th, 1 st M50 in 41:29. Other Holmfirth results: Andy Shaw, 11 th, M45, 42:02; Gavin Baxter, 12 th, 3 rd M35, 42:09; Gary Graham, 16 th, M40, 42:59; Geoff Hall, 26 th, M35, 43:51; Chris Beadle, 29 th, M35, 44:14; Rob Kersey, 31 st, 1 st M55, 44:52; Kevin Yewlett, 36 th, 3 rd M55, 45:46; Jonathan Clowes, 40 th, M45, 46:49; Jacqui Dews, 44 th, 1 st Lady and 1 st F35, 47:41; Maz Khoueiry, 45 th, M35, 47:41; Lesley Ewart, 56 th, 1 st F50 and 3 rd Lady, 49:37; Barbara Hinchliffe, 59 th, 1 st F55, 50:36; Sean Doyle, 71 st, M40, 51:52; Bill Wade, 74 th, 1 st M65, 52:18; John Philpott, 75 th, M55, 52:23; Dayn Wilkins, 96 th, M45, 56:03; Andrew Hambleton, 100 th, M55, 56:45; Malcolm Sizer, 107 th, M60, 57:55; Claire Whitwam, 110 th, 2 nd F45, 58:16.


Synchronised running, Rob and Jim Weldon of Pudsey Pacers who have been locked in battle for the last two years in the M55 age group are locked together on the first lap. This time Jim took an early lead on the climb through the woods but was caught and passed 3 fields before Farnley Tyas. Battle will no doubt resume at Knavesmire on the 29 th. Jacqui Dews is close behind and eventually finished 1 st lady.

Jonathan Clowes, 446 (where’s your club vest?) confirmed his strong run in the club 10, finishing 40 th overall.




Leslie and Barbara storming down Alpaca Field on their way to the 1 st F50 and 1 st F55 double.


yvaa-hon-09_0297 Bill Wade about to overtake John a position he just held to the finish and to take 1 st M65.

yvaa-hon-09_0613yvaa-hon-09_0406 Andy Hambleton giving it everything on the fast downhill slope and below Bob and Thomo two of the many marshals that helped on the day.

Once again we had 5 runners over 70 years, including one over 80 years, the quickest of whom, Jeff Taylor of Meltham ran the hilly 6 mile off road course in under 55 ½ Minutes.

Thanks go to all the marshals and other helpers on the day – catering, results, finish recorders etc that made the race a success and without whom there wouldn’t be any races. Also many thanks to those land owners that allowed us to cross their land, in some cases even strimming paths and opening gates to make our passage easier.

The full list of results is on the YVAA website, www.yvaa.org . Future races are on the Holmfirth Harriers website, www.holmfirthharriers.com Entry is only £3 on the day and the next race in the series is at Knavesmire, York on Wednesday 29 th July starting at 7.30pm.

Rob K


YVAA5 th Monthly Grand Prix of 2009

Tuesday 23 rd June at 7.30p.m., Meanwood, Nr. Leeds


Just 8 Holmfirth Harriers made it to the YVAA Grand Prix race at Meanwood, near Leeds on a warm and sultry Tuesday night but those that ran came away with more than their share of prizes. 174 runners from 24 Yorkshire clubs completed the course with ages from 35 to 80! First home for the Harriers, making a rare appearance with Jean from their North Yorkshire home, was Andy Hauser, 17 th, 3 rd M50 in 30:15 followed by Chris Beadle who managed to spear himself on a stick when cutting the corners on the path, 27 th, 3 rd M35, 31:13; Rob Kersey, 38 th, 1 st M55, 31:43; Jacqui Dews, 55 th, 1 st F35 (1 st lady), 34:08; Maz Khoueiry, who chased Jacqui all the way to the finish!, 56 th, M35, 34:08; Jean Shotter,66 th, 1 st F45 (2 nd lady), 35:21; Bill Wade 83 rd, 2 nd M65, 36:39; Tim Cock,108 th, 3 rd M65, 40:41;and Claire Whitwam, doing brilliantly in her first year in the Vets Grand Prix, 110 th, 4 th F45, 40:45.

The next event is at Honley on the 12 th July. This is a new course of 6 miles and almost entirely off road. The full list is on the YVAA website, www.yvaa.org and also on the Holmfirth Harriers website, www.holmfirthharriers.com Entry is only £3 on the day.

Any Harriers not running who would be available to help on the day are asked to contact Rob via the club, email or phone (details on website).



YVAA3 rd Monthly Grand Prix of 2009

Sunday May 31 st at 11.00a.m., Haw Park Woods, Walton, Wakefield.



On a scorching Sunday morning 8 Holmfirth Vets made the trip to Walton near Wakefield for the latest race in the YVAA Grand Prix series. Over 170 runners turned out for this off road event on woodland paths, tracks and canal towpath.

This year a big turn out of Meltham runners swelled the numbers, the race being part of their club championship. While very warm in the shady sections, the race was roasting when in the full sun with little or no breeze to cool runners down. The race was in fact won by Andy Whitworth of Meltham in 31:15 Holmfirth runners had success in the F50 category and M55 category and all runners added valuable team points. Holmfirth results:

27 th Kevin Yewlett, 1 st M55, 35:22; 29 th Rob Kersey, 2 nd M55, 35:34; 52 nd Lesley Ewart, 1 st F50, 38:05; 58 th Bill Wade, 1 st M65, 38:31; 61 st Robert Ellis, M45, 39:01; 90 th Helen Pettit, F40, 41:21; 96 th Rob Halstead, M50, 42:44; 117 th Claire Whitwam, F45, 45:18

In much colder conditions at Howarth the YVAA 5 mile championships took place within the Bronte 5. This is a tough 2 lap course but still attracted nearly 180 starters. Disappointingly only two Holmfirth runners ran the race but Mick Mavromihales made a welcome return to racing after a two year break and finished an excellent 8 th and 2 nd M45 in 28:57. Rob Kersey the only other Harrier to run finished just outside the medals, 4 th M55.

The next races are the Meanwood race on the 23 rd June and then our race from Neiley on 12 th July.


BMAF Road Relays 2009

Four teams of Holmfirth Vets made their way down to Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield for what is always a very enjoyable event, the BMAF Road Relays, on Saturday 16 th May. All 20 members, 16 runners plus Dianne, Helen, Liz and Tim supporting were on site by about 10.00 am and the tent was soon up and sheltering us from the blustery wind and rain squalls. Numbers were collected and running order of teams entered on time and while those running later legs went for a jog round the course and prepared to support our teams around the course, first leg runners in the W35, W45 and M50 teams made their way to the start. John Ewart leading off for the M50 team had another great run, clocking 16:53 and coming home 4 th. Helen Berry came back 29 th overall, in 18:15 an excellent 5 th in the W35 race and Jean Shotter like Helen more often to be seen on the fells, came in 85 th overall in 20:37 which gave her 8 th position in the W45 race.

Gary Armitage, Julia Johnson and Lesley Ewart were our leg 2 runners and all put in solid performances to maintain or improve our positions. Gary running in his usual smooth style actually moved up 3 places and into first position with a strong run up the finishing straight with a time of 17:15.


Julia came in 36 th overall, 6 th in the W35 race in 19:15 and Lesley 67 th overall having passed 18 runners bringing her home 6 th in the W45 race in 19:59.

Andy Hauser another runner more at home on the fells but always turning out for these team events had the task of taking over in first place in the M50 team and was always going to struggle to hold off faster road specialists. He dug deep and hung on well just dropping two places to 3 rd in 17:58. Karen Sinkinson, like Julia promoted to the W35 team, came in 45 th overall, 9 th in the W35 in 20:21 and Chris Couch came in 20:18, 62 nd overall, to give the W45 team a final position of 5 th place out of 13 teams.

Kevin Yewlett was next off for the M50 team running strongly and putting Alwynn’s speed training sessions to good use to drop just 3 places to 6 th in 18:31. Dawn Broom ran the last leg for the W35 team and although struggling with her breathing, having forgotten her inhaler, she still picked up 12 places finishing 33 rd overall and 8 th in the W35 race in 19:12, this out of 22 teams.

This left just the M50’s to continue with Dave Shepherd on leg 5 and Rob Kersey on the last leg. Dave was running his first National Road Relay and is in full Marathon training mode so stamina was never going to be an issue. The question was how was his speed? Dave had an excellent run coming in 9 th in 19:00 leaving Rob to try and hang onto a top ten position. Although running doggedly (and before some one else says it “more a Labrador than a whippet these days”) he dropped 3 places to runners over a minute faster to finish in 12 th position out of 33 teams. This was still the best position for a number of years and the whole team enjoyed the day.


At 1.30 pm the M35 – 39 and M40 – 49 teams started their races of 4 and 8 legs. Unfortunately we were unable to put out an M40 team and so put out a mixed age team in the M35 – 39 race.

Last year we won silver in this race but were without 3 of the 4 team members of last year, only Chris Beadle being available this year.

First off was John Broom, like Dawn running his first team race for Holmfirth, after recently rejoining us, after coming back from Dorset. John ran a good first leg coming in 10 th in 16:18. Ricky South ran the 2 nd leg and although moving up to the M50 age group next year put in a cracking time of 16:28 moving us up to 6 th place. Chris Beadle, yet another runner who probably runs more on the fells than the roads ran 17:55 to finish 10 th again leaving Julian Rose to run the last leg and keep us in the top ten. Julian running his first National Vets Road Relay ran 17:10 and with a blistering finish, up the final straight, picked up one place to bring us home in 9 th place.

Many thanks to all the runners that made up the teams and to Helen Pettit, Dianne Waite, Liz Yewlett and Tim Cock for coming down to support us; hopefully we can get M40, M60 and W55 teams out as well another year.

Many thanks to the club for paying for the transport and allowing many of us to doze on the way back. Must be our age!


YVAA Grand Prix, Race 2, Meltham


Another record entry for the Meltham Vets race saw 155 runners make the start line and 153 finished. Two runners were unfortunately attacked by horses and were unable to finish the race, suffering what we hope will prove only minor injuries, and had to walk back! The good weather of late meant conditions were drier than usual (we had snow last year) and while the strong head wind for much of the first half of the race made for hard climbs conditions were generally good for running. A good turnout from Holmfirth Vets, 18 in total, although only 4 women, the Lads Leap Fell Race having lured some away!

Dave Watson won the race in 36:07 and was also 1 st M35. next home for Holmfirth was Charlie Adams M40, 25 th, 41:44 followed by Rob Kersey 1 st M55,28 th, 42:07; Steve Nash M40, 35 th, 43:23; Kevin Yewlett 3 rd M55, 36 th, 43:35; Robert Ellis M45, 54 th, 46:53; Rod Futrell 3 rd M60, 56 th,47:10; Lesley Ewart 2 nd F50, 60 th, 47:42; Bill Wade 1 st M65, 71 st, 49:26; Andrew Kerry M40, 75 th, 50:06; Katie Woodings 2 nd F40, 81 st, 50:41; Helen Pettit 3 rd F40,86 th, 51:50; Dayn Wilkins M45, 87 th, 52:00; Peter Roberts 2 nd M65, 88 th,52:20; Andrew Hambleton M50, 92 nd, 52:40; Claire Whitwam 3 rd F45, 109 th, 56:38; Tim Cock M65, 115 th,59:00; Steve White M55, 121 st, 59;42. Host club Meltham AC supplied runners with hot drinks and free food after the race while they waited for the prize giving. As usual there were 40 prizes for leading positions in the 5 year age categories and also about 10 spot prizes. Races continue at regular intervals throughout the year on Sunday mornings and some summer evenings, the next race in the series being on Sunday May 31 st at Walton near Wakefield. This is a nice mainly woodland course on good tracks and paths. The full list is on the YVAA website, www.yvaa.org and also on the Holmfirth Harriers website, www.holmfirthharriers.com plus of course on the Vets Notice Board. Entry is only £3. The race entry includes free food after the race, 40+ prizes (including spot prizes) great competition and an incredibly friendly atmosphere.


Let’s hope for another good (or even better) turn out in May. Details on the board and website shortly.


YVAA Cross Country Championships at York.


Some of the 30 Holmfirth Vets that ran at the YVAA CC Champs


Thirty Vets made it to the start line at the YVVAA CC Champs at the Knavesmire, York on Saturday 14 th February a great turn out yet again for this event. The relatively flat course, just two small climbs, was very wet and muddy in places but conditions were otherwise quite pleasant (for CC that is!). Of the 34 entries just one male and 3 female members of the team failed to actually start, which is something of a record in itself. Lesley had the best excuse having fallen down the stairs that morning and bruised her b**!


The first race at 12.30 pm was for the ladies, M50 – 69 men and M70 men, the ladies and M70’s running 5K and the rest of the men 10K. In the ladies race Dawn Broome ran an excellent 9 th and gained the silver medal in the F40 age group and Julia Johnson did brilliantly after her injury problems to finish 12 th, just missing out on a medal, 4 th in the F45 age group. They were backed up by some strong runs from Helen, Karen, Yvette, Margaret and Alison with Julia, Karen and Yvette gaining the silver F45 team medals.


The M50 – 69 race saw 110 runners battle it out over 4 laps John Ewart being our top scorer in 7 th, passing Gary Armitage on lap 3. Andy Hauser, obviously getting fit again, passed me on the same lap and we finished with four runners in the top 25. Once again it was great to see some of the ‘slower’ runners turning out for the club and being part of the team and it was these runners (Dave Shepherd, Steve White and Andy Hambleton) that helped the M50 – 59 team to win the ‘All to Count’ shield. John Ewart, Gary Armitage and Andy Hauser also got the silver medals in the M50- 59 ‘Three to Count’ team.


This year we also managed to complete an M60 - 69 team of Bill Wade, Malcolm Sizer, Norman Berry and Tim Cock who finished 4 th team.


The second race at 1.30 pm saw the M35 – 39 and M40 – 49 teams ‘do battle’. Dave Watson won the race comfortably some 40 seconds ahead of the 2 nd placed runner and was backed up by John Broome and Gary Graham to win Gold in the ‘Three to Count’ team medals, and also by Gavin Baxter, Nigel Moran and Chris Beadle to win the ‘All to Count’ team medals.

The M40 – 49 team missing several of the faster runners were never in with a chance of the medals but we still managed to get 7 team members out. Charlie Adams had the best run in 58 th (20 th M40) and he was supported by Steve Rimmer, Jonathan Sykes, Rob Ellis, Andrew Smithson, Chris Whitelegg and Dayn Wilkins.

Thanks to all those that ran and supported us, I hope everyone enjoyed it (at least after it was over!) and will race again next year in Sheffield. Thanks also to Ann and Brian Heywood who acted as time keepers for all the races.

The full list is of results is on the Vets Board at the club and will be on the YVAA website, www.yvaa.org


Dave, Karen and Julia


Rob with Andy gaining on him on the 2 nd lap.



Dawn heading up the last small climb





1st YVAA Grand Prix 2009

Holmfirth Harriers Make Excellent Start at the First YVAA Grand Prix Race of the 2009 Season

The new YVAA Grand Prix season started with a massive entry at the new race at Horsforth. The course included some stiff muddy climbs and descents plus tricky woodland paths as well as faster stretches of field path and tarmac. Veteran runners from 35 – 80 years and from 25 clubs made up the field of 174, another excellent start to the season. On a day when both the Dewsbury 10K and the Mickleden Straddle Fell Race clashed with the vets race Holmfirth managed to get out 10 runners, 5 men and 5 women. All those that ran had good races, 7 out of the 10 picking up prizes. A special mention should go to Claire Whitwam, running her first Grand Prix Race and terrified beforehand that she would not be good enough. She finished 27 th out of 68 women and 117 th out of 174 finishers so hopefully proved to herself and many others in the club that do not have the confidence to have a go at racing that they are easily good enough to race. It was also good to see another newcomer to the Grand Prix events Gary Armitage who quickly set down a mark by winning the M50 age group. Races continue at regular intervals throughout the year on Sunday mornings and some summer evenings. The full list is on the YVAA website, www.yvaa.org and also on the Holmfirth Harriers website, www.holmfirthharriers.com plus of course on the Vets Notice Board. Entry is only £3. The race entry includes free food after the race, 40+ prizes (including spot prizes) great competition and an incredibly friendly atmosphere.

Holmfirth results:

9 th Gary Armitage, 1 st M50, 31:49; 19 th Rob Kersey, 1 st M55, 32:57; 58 th Rod Futrell, M60, 36:51; 66 th Robert Ellis, M45, 38:13; 71 st Lesley Ewart, 1 st F50, 38:40; 81 st Yvette Arthur, 2 nd F45, 39:48; 85 th Karen Sinkinson, 3 rd F45, 40:20; 86 th Helen Pettit, 2 nd F40, 40:22;117 th Claire Whitwam, F45, 45:11.

The next race in the series is at Meltham on Sunday 22 nd March, 10.00 start and enter on the day. Let’s support this local race and get a really good turn out.



YVAA Grand Prix Race 10 and the 2009 Grand Prix Season

The last race is the 2008 series saw yet another record turnout, 197, with Pudsey Pacers hiring a double-decker bus to get their 65 runners to the race! The atmosphere was better than ever and this was another excellent mostly off road course with no steep climbs but after all the rain of the last few days plenty of mud!

We had only a small number of runners present – Ian Moore, Rob Ellis, Kevin Yewlett, Dayn Wilkins, Steve White, myself, Lesley Ewart and Jean Shotter with Tim Cock turning up to do the presentations but not able to get there in time to run. Our small contingent still managed a few prizes with Lesley getting 1 st F50, Rob after gradually closing the 100m gap from about the 1mile point, not quite able to get past Jim Weldon on the run in on the track to finish 3 seconds behind and 2 nd M55 and Jean 1st F45. Dayn also picked up a spot prize!




Some of the Holmfirth runners negotiating a very slippery slope where many came to grief.

yv-spen-08-031 This race really illustrated how virtually anyone can run these races with the first runner finishing in 34:19 and the last in 91:45 Everyone earns points for their team and all get the same support and encouragement. The oldest runner, by the way, was 80 years old, Don Johnson from St Theresa’s.


The new season will be starting in February 2009 and the first race will be at Horsforth on Sunday 1 st Feb. Races then continue at regular intervals throughout the year on Sunday mornings and some summer evenings. The full list will go up on the board and on the website as soon as it is available. Entry is only £2 at the moment but may have to go up to £3 next year due to increased food, 1 st aid and prize costs. The race entry includes free food after the race, 40+ prizes (including spot prizes) great competition and an incredibly friendly atmosphere.

The pictures below show some of our runners on a typical YVAA Grand Prix race.




Hilary Phil Tim

This is racing as it should be; minimum of fuss, cheap to enter, fun to run but still very competitive within the age groups, organised by runners for runners and great camaraderie after the races. All races are multi terrain and generally trail or fell shoes are best although in dry conditions many runners prefer road shoes. Races vary enormously from nearly flat to extremely hilly but all Holmfirth runners used to doing our summer off road runs should be able to cope. This year has seen another increase in numbers with races regularly attracting 140+ runners.

Both Holmfirth’s men’s and women’s teams have won team trophies in recent years but at the moment we are being swamped by mass entries from several other clubs. It would be great to have more Holmfirth Vets out next year both men and women so please look at the dates when they come out and see if you can fit some of the races in your diaries. For the faster runners amongst you your best 7 out of the 10 races count towards your individual score for the season and a minimum of 6 races are needed to be run to qualify for the individual awards. All races count towards the team awards.


All pictures from www.flamingphotography.co.uk



YVAA ½ M, 15 mile and Fell Championships


Vets championships have come thick and fast over the last few weeks starting with the Road Relays (see earlier report) and finishing with the Fell Champs at Meltham on the 2 nd November. Only a small contingent made their way to Brid for the Half MarathonChampionships and our only medallist was the race winner Dave Watson who was also 1 st M35.

The Sunday following was the 15 mile Championships incorporated within the Holmfirth 15. With many of our vets either marshalling or running in the WYCC (or both) numbers were again lower than usual but we still managed a number of YVAA medals including:

men women
Mark Pigford 1 st M40 Jacqueline France 2 nd F45
Bill Wade 1 st M65 Kiersti Dickinson 2 nd F4
Tim Cock 2 nd M65 Ros Haigh 1 st F50


The YVAA Fell Championships, incorporated within the Meltham Cop race had an excellent turnout of 133 runners, 80 of whom qualified for the YVAA championships. Holmfirth had many runners placed within the 1 st three in their age categories, although a mistake with the medals order unfortunately meant that only the 1 st placed runner in many of the age groups actually received a medal. Conditions were generally good, although the deep mud on parts of the course made for tired legs by the end of the two laps.

Holmfirth Runners:

5 th Dave Watson 1 st M35, 50:08; 10 th Bill Stewart (M);12th John Ewart 1 st M50, 52:35; 13 th Andy Shaw 1 st M45, 52:42; 17 th Julian Rank 3 rd M45, 53:25; 18 th Gavin Baxter 3 rd M35, ,53:36; 28 th Steve Rimmer M45, 56:10; 30 th Helen Berry (F), 56:30; 36 th Chris Beadle M35, 57:43; 37 th Rob Kersey M55, 57:45; 40 th Kevin Yewlett M55, 58:17; 50 th Edward Brown (M), 60:41; 66 th Pete Dolan M50, 62:52; 76 th Robert Ellis M50, 65;46; 78 th Rod Futrell 2 nd M60, 66:23; 80 th Paula Gould 2 nd F35, 66:35; 81 st Lesley Ewart 1 st F50, 66:39; 83 rd Rachael Mellor 2 nd F40, 66:51; 92 nd Karen Sinkinson 2 nd F45, 68:43; 101 st John Philpott M50, 71;53; 103 rd Tim Cock 1 st M65, 72:36; 105 th Blandine Renay 3 rd F45,72:52; 106 th Dayn Wilkins M45, 72:59; 107 th Rebecca Halstead (F), 73:47; 108 th Rob Halstead M50, 75:03; 123 rd Steve White M55, 85:36; 127 th Keith Bamforth 2 nd M70, 91:23

Full race details are available at www.ukresults.net/2008/cophill.html

Many thanks to Meltham for another excellently organised race.



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