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Please note Summer XC at Neiley, 6th Sept

Junior NEWSLETTER Nov 09

WYXCL race 1 information 2009

Juniors compete in the National Cross Country Championships
Fun In Athletics 2010
Xmas XC Brooklands, results
Shepherds Skyline 7/11/09
Curly Wurly Rat Runs – Penistone Hill Country Park , Haworth
U13s show the North what they are made of!!
Yorkshire Road Relays 2009
Summer XC results 6th Sept 09
RESULTS winter 2008/09
YAL 21st June
Gynn Lane results 2009
Harriers Juniors in Fine Form in the Frost.

Junior Harriers Make a Splash
Summer Overall result 2008

If you are aged 11-19 you may be eligible for a grant from kirklees, click on this link to find out more.


Under 13 girls win BRONZE at Yorkshire Road Relays, 15th Sept 07.



Oliver enjoys the bunny runs!!



Welcome to Holmfirth Harriers Junior Page

John - Junior Development Officer

Summer training Winter training

The summer programme starts in May when all athletes will be placed into a group which will rotate round a full programme of events on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Neiley Playing Fields. This will give them an opportunity to learn / improve their skills in a full range of events covering Jumps, Throws, Speed and Endurance. In addition athletes will be able to join more advanced groups to push themselves to attain a higher standard.

Please note that on evenings when club competitions are held (see EVENTS page for dates) the athletes will be encouraged to take part in the competition and their will be no groups on the field on those day. In addition Triathlon training will take place for the bike, run and transition phases of that discipline, please check the TRIATHLON page for dates.

For further information contact John McFadzean, Richard Szostak or any of the coaches.

With winter training a reminder to ALL under 11's no matter which group you are with you require an adult to be with you.

The main groups for junior athletes are Pumas and Tigers who go out road running, or John Mac's Jaguars who have sessions based at Neilley, Honley High School or Steep Ridings dependant on the weather and aims of the session i.e. speed, hill, endurance or style.

If you are in John Mac's group adults do not have to run but can walk/ drive to where the session is taking place. Any adult wishing to take part in these sessions are more than welcome and you may be surprised how hard they are, as they are geared towards the individual. Any problems or questions please speak to John Mac or Richard Szostak.

If a junior athlete chooses to go with another group and go on road runs they MUST, (As must all adults) obey the instructions of the coach in charge and if they are junior school age they must have an adult who runs with them and takes responsibility for them.

ALL ATHLETES ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR REFLECTIVE BIBS WHEN THEY GO OUT ON THE ROAD. All coaches have the right to refuse to take any athlete of any age with them if they feel the safety of that athlete or any other athlete will be put at risk.

The Yorkshire league provides four good x-country races for age groups from under 11 upwards, please sign up on the notice board, these are ideal races to get involved with.

Indoor sessions are held on Wednesdays starting October look out for details on the website or speak to a coach.

Look out for details of sports hall athletics competitions during the winter.


Juniors compete in the National Cross Country Championships

The English National Cross Country Championships, the premier event in the Cross country calendar, took place at Roundhay Park in Leeds on Saturday. Amongst the 5000 runners who competed was a good turnout of Junior athletes from Holmfirth, many of whom competing for the first time in a Championship. With over 400 runners in each of the junior age group races the standard of competition was really high with the best runners in the country competing for both team and individual honours. Lewis Byram, in the U13 boys race was the top Holmfirth athlete of the day. Lewis, not overawed by the competition, many of the boys in the race a year his senior, ran a perfectly paced race and came through to finish in 20 th position. In the U17 men race, Max Kaye and Thomas Travis-Pollard, also both with another year in the age group, ran well coping well with the extremely fast pace of the race and the legendary hills of Roundhay Park. Max finished in 34 th position and Thomas in 39 th. Ruby Sykes, another athlete at the bottom of her age group had a good run to finish 129 th U15 girl. In the U15 boys race Michael Booth finished 361 and Robert Hinchcliffe 365. In the U13 boys age group Lewis was joined by Aaron Arthur who finished 170 th, Bradley Bedford 171, Eddie Hinchcliffe 281, Andrew Farquhar 299, and Joe Williams 361. The U13 team finished 22 nd. Also completing a team were the U13 girls with Lucy Farquhar in 182 nd, Olivia Sykes 214, Sophie Spencer 278, Megan Lamb 325 and Sophie Williams 413. The Juniors had a great day out wallowing in the Roundhay mud and really appreciated the cheers from the hardy band of Holmfirth supporters, and also having the opportunity to share the event with the top junior and senior athletes from around the country.


Holmfirth Harriers A.C

in conjunction with Honley High School , West Yorkshire Police, and The Pennine School Sports Partnership


Fun In Athletics 2010


4 Friday afternoon sessions 4:15pm to 5:15pm


Honley High School Sports Hall


5 th ,12 th and 19 th of March 2010

the young children will receive coaching in a wide range of events by qualified athletics coaches


Friday 26 th of March

FUN competition and presentation night.

For Junior School Children age 6-11.


All participants will receive a Certificate and Easter Egg, plus a medal for the members of the winning team on competition.

Still only £5 per child for the whole course and with 64 places available please book early.

For further information and to book either hand application form to John McFadzean at Holmfirth Harriers, contact him on 01484 683292, or email hellojohn@tiscali.co.uk . Entry forms on Holmfirth Harriers A.C web site.

DOWNLOAD registration form


Xmas XC at Brooklands

Under 11 Girls
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
Lucy Taylor 5 Sec 10m 21s 10m 16s 5
Libby Sheperd 20s 9m 47s 9m 27s 2
Lia Carter 30s 11m 05s 10m 35s 10
Sunaiugh Waterman 45s 10m 58s 10m 13s 9
Fiona Hodgson 45s 11m 23s 10m 38s 13
Jessica Hirst 50 s 10m 52s 10m 02s 8
Amy Kettlewell 1m 10s 11m 16s 10m 06s 11
Lucy Hughes 1min 10s 11m 18s 10m 08s 12
Daisy Hinchliffe 1 min 15s 10m 36s 9m 31s 6
India Slaney 1m 20s 10m 38s 9m 18s 7
Erica Byram 1 min 45s 9m 56s 8m 11s 3
Lucy Byram 2 min 9m 38s 7m 38s 1
Olivia Sykes 2min 15s 10m 03s 7m 48s 4
Under 11 Boys
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
Daniel Howatson 0 sec 10m 43s 10m 43s 19
James Hughes 10s 9m 05s 8m 55s 2
Shea Kerry 30s 9m 45s 9m 15s 11
Oliver Greenwood 40s 9m 19s 8m 39s 4
Thomas England 40s 9m 49s 9m 09s 13
Oliver Whittaker 40s 10m 37s 9m 57s 18
Hadley Gill 40s DNF
Taylor Brown 45s 9m 59s 9m 14s 15
Isacc Shepherd 45s 10m 25s 9m 40s 17
Joe Williams 55s 9m 44s 8m 49s 10
Nicky Farquhar 1 min 9m 14s 8m 14s 3
Fionn Kerry 1 min 9m 56s 8m 56s 14
Joe Donaldson 1min 05s 10m 04s 8m 59s 16
Daniel Levitt 1min 30s 9m 00s 7m 30s 1
Andrew Farquhar 1min 45s 9m 33s 7m 48s 7
Arron Gill 1 min 45s 9m 47s 8m 02s 12
Thomas Dickens 2m 0s 9m 36s 7m 36s 9
Ben Dickinson 2min 05s 9m 32s 7m 27s 6
Seth Waterman 2min 10s 9m 35s 7m 25s 8
Bradley Bedford 2min 30s 9m 22s 6m 52s 5
Under 13 Girls
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
Sophie Williams 45s 13m 29s 12m 44s 4
Sophie Spencer 2 min 30s 13m 35s 11m 05s 5
Amira Mellor 2min 45s 12m 45s 10m 0s 2
Harmonie Waterman 3min 12m 37s 9m 37s 1
Lucy Farquhar 3min 12m 56s 9m 56s 3
Ella Usher DNF
Under 13 Boys
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
Eddie Hinchcliffe 0s 12m 05s 12m 05s 1
William England 1min 20s 12m 39s 11m 19s 3
Aaron Kettlewell 1m 25s 12m 30s 11m 05s 2
Aaron Arthur 1min 35s 12m 58s 11m 23s 5
Lewis Byram 2m 10s 12m 46s 10m 36s 4
Over 13 Girls
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
Alex France 0s 15m 33s 15m 33s 2
Emma Taylor 30s 15m 00s 14m 30s 1
Ruby Sykes 4min 45s 15m 44s 10m 59s 3
Over 13 Boys
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
Michael Booth 0s 16m 30s 16m 30s 4
Leon Gledhill 45s 14m 31s 13m 46s 1
Robert Hinchliffe 1min 15m09s 14m 09s 2
Thomas Riddle 2min 21m 37s 19m 37s 5
Max Kaye 5min 15m 52s 10m 52s 3


Shepherds Skyline 7/11/09


On Saturday a number of Holmfirth runners travelled over to Todmorden to run the Shepherds Skyline fell race which includes some great but tough junior races.

First up where the juniors where we had 7 youngsters competing in the mud! Great results for everyone who ran including first places for Lewis, Erica and Ruby.


Thank to Alan Greenwood for juniors pictures

Five seniors made it round the equally muddy 6mile senior course, which for those who have not done the race before climbs up a narrow path to the skyline then along to Stoodley Pike, steep decent to London Road before climbing back up to the skyline and returning by the same route. A race defiantly worth making a trip over for.

First Harriers home was Jonathon Sykes in 41 st place, followed by Wayne Byram John Adair who appeared to have been battling with each other the whole way round. Wayne got the upper hand in the end beating John by just one second. I was pushed hard the whole way by Phil Hobbs to finish 5 th lady.


Thanks to Tod Harriers for the seniors pics

Photo thanks to Steve Harling




2 Finn Kerry Holmfirth 4.52


5 Erica Byram (1st Girl) Holmfirth 8.40
15 Fiona Hodgson Holmfirth 10.53

1 Lewis Byram Holmfirth 9.35
9 Joe Williams Holmfirth 12.48
14 Shea Kerry Holmfirth 14.18


7 Ruby Sykes (=1 st girl) Holmfirth 11.11


41 Jonathon Sykes MV40 Holmfirth Harriers 0:51:56
53 Wayne Byram M Holmfirth Harriers 0:53:51
55 John Adair MV50 Holmfirth Harriers 0:53:52
84 Lucy Griffiths L (5 th Lady) Holmfirth Harriers 0:57:14
92 Philip Hobbs MV40 Holmfirth Harriers 0:57:33

Full results and pictures at; http://www.todharriers.co.uk/


Curly Wurly Rat Runs – Penistone Hill Country Park , Haworth


If you are a junior athlete and you like chocolate then Penistone Hill country park was the place to be last weekend ( 25 th October) at the famous Curly Wurly Rat Runs. Fourteen junior Harriers braved the rain and wind and took part in the junior fell races run just before the grown up’s race Withins Skyline.

In the U8’s race Fionn Kerry finished 6 th, Harry Hobbs 12 th and Alice Orton 12 th girl. The longer combined U14s U12s and U10s race started with the usual race for the first climb out of the quarry.

Joe & Nicky


With 11 harriers in the race it was exciting for both runners and spectators alike, especially the hair-raising descent back down in to the quarry. All the juniors ran really well and enjoyed themselves. Well done especially to Lewis Bryam 2 nd U12, Ruby Sykes 2 nd U14 girl, Lucy Bryam 2 nd U10 girl and Lucy Farquhar 3 rd U12 girl.

Lucy Byram

So kids if you fancy getting soaked and muddy and getting loads of sweets and chocolate as your reward then the next Curly Wurly race on Sunday December 20 th at Penistone Hill Country Park near Haworth is the place for you!


Ruby Sykes with Lucy Farquhar in her wake


On the start line



U13s show the North what they are made of!!

On Sunday 2 teams of Junior athletes took part in the North of England Young Athlete Relays held at Leeds Met University in Leeds. Both teams performed brilliantly against all the best clubs in the North. The U13 boys teams were off first with Aaron Kettlewell as lead off man. With 30 teams on the line the first 400m were a battle for position. Aaron ran strongly and held his own against boys up to 18months his senior. He handed over to Aaron Arthur in 16th position having run a time of 11.06 for the 2 mile course. Aaron Arthur ran strongly, managed to close the gap on the teams ahead and brought the team through to 11th position running a time of 11.13 handing over to Lewis Byram. The chase was on and Lewis closed down on the teams ahead running strongly and brought the team home in 7th place, just a few seconds off 6th place and only 30 seconds off the bronze medal.


In the U13 girls race Amira Mellor had responsibility for the 1st leg. With 50 teams in this race Amira fought hard for position and brought the team home in 29th position in a time of 12.12 she handed on to Megan Lamb. Megan ran very strongly in her first experience of a race in this age group and managed to pass 7 teams handing over to Lucy Farquhar in 22nd place in a time of 12.16. Lucy used her strength and experience to bring the team through to 9th position in a time of 11.30 another excellent result for our U13 squad.

Yorkshire Road relays

Well done to all the junior athletes who completed at the Yorkshire Relays and Road Races on Sunday 13th September. The day started with the U13 boys and girls event which is run as a straight race with the first three counters from each club counting towards the team event. In the U13 race Aaron Arthur ran brilliantly finishing strongly in 6th place in a time of 8.02. in the same race Lucy Farquhar ran equally well to match Aaron’s postionand finish 6th girl in a time of 8.27. Amira Mellor, with another year in this age group, finished strongly in 15th in a time of 8.52 .Sophie Williams finished off the girls team finishing in 29th place in a time of 10.14. The girls team finished a very creditable 7th overall. In the U15 race the Harriers girls were lead home by Ruby Sykes in 7th place in a time of 12.39, a great run as Ruby still has another year in this age group. The U15 finished a strong team with Alannah Booth in 17th place in a time of 13.12 and Georgia Booth 23rd in 13.55 and the team finished 6th overall. Thomas Travis-Pollard running in the U17 boys relay event ran extremely well to finish 2nd runner home on leg 1 and recorded the 3rd fastest time of the day Thomas also with another year as an U17.

Summer XC results 6th Sept 09

Under 11 Girls        
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
Olivia Sykes 0s 8m 15s 8m 15s 2
Lucy Byram 20s 8m 30s 8m 10s 1
Erica Byram 30s 8m 53s 8m 23s 5
Keelan Fitton 1m 40s 9m 57s 8m 17s 3
Daisy Hinchliffe 1m 40s 9m 59s 8m 19s 4
Amy Kettlewell 1m 40s 10m 26s 8m 46s 7
Ciara Ellis 1m 40s 10m 08s 8m 28s 6
Under 11 Boys
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
Andrew Farquhar 10s 7m 56s 7m 46s 2
Ben Dickinson 5s 8m 10s 8m 05s 7
Arron Gill 45s 8m 33s 7m 48s 3
Joe Williams 45s 8m 38s 7m 53s 4
Nicky Farquhar 1m 8m 42s 7m 42s 1
Fionn Kerry 45s 8m 46s 8m 01s 6
George Orton 0s 8m26s 8m 26s 10
Thomas Addy 1m 10s 9m 16s 8m 06s 8
Thomas England 1m 30s 9m 25s 7m 55s 5
Shea Kerry 2m 10m 16s 8m 16s 9
Under 13 Girls
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
Lucy Farquhar 0s 17m 14s 17m 14s 1
Amira Mellor 40s 18m 06s 17m 26s 2
Sophie Williams 3m 30s 21m 23s 17m 53s 3
Under 13 Boys
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
Lewis Byram 0s 15m 03s 15m 03s 1
Aaron Kettlewell 30s 16m 02s 15m 32s 4
William England 45s 16m 04s 15m 19s 3
Aaron Arthur 1m 16m 13s 15m 13s 2
Eddie Hinchliffe 2m 10s 18m 12s 16m 02s 5
Over 13 Girls
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
Ruby Sykes 0s 16m 13s 16m 13s 1
Alannah Booth 45s 18m 17s 17m 32s 3
Georgia Booth 1m 18m 32s 17m 32s 3
Alex France 6m 22m 44s 16m 44s 2
Over 13 Boys
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
Robert Hinchliffe 0s 16m 51s 16m 51s 1
Daniel Ellis 6m 23m 25s 17m 25s 2



UK Young Athletes League

Holmfirth Harriers hosted the 4 th round match in the McCain UK Young Athletes League held at the new Spring Hall track in Halifax. Hosting an event like this poses many challenges for clubs as they are responsible for securing all key track & field officials, first aid, announcers and caterers in addition to their usual club allocation of officials. It was therefore tremendous to see parents, coaches and the clubs officials pulling together for the benefit of the young athletes involved. .

In the U17 men’s distance events Thomas Traviss-Pollard was in action in the 800m along with team mate Max Lawton. Thomas demonstrated his developing speed endurance and racing acumen by taking 12 seconds off his previous best time, crossing the line in 2 nd place with 2mins 11.3secs. Max also set a new best time with a splendid 2mins 23.5secs to win the B race. Max Kaye made his debut in the 3000msetting of at a cracking pace that he found difficult to sustain. Nevertheless he took maximum points with his 9mins 53.3secs effort.

Although specialising in the distance events, all three supported the team by competing in other events with Thomas and Max Lawton finishing 3 rd in the 400m and Long Jump respectively. The throws specialist Edward Childs had a busy day competing in the Discus, Shot and Javelin. His best result was his 3 rd place in the shot recording 8.19m in which he was supported by Max Kaye in the B event.

Anna Whitwam was Holmfirth’s sole representative in the U17 women’s events. Anna, gaining in confidence as the season has progressed scored an excellent 2 nd place in the Triple jump with 9.17m, 3 rd in the Long Jump with 4.17m and 4 th in the 100m with 14.3secs.

The U15 boy’s team were well represented with the Clubs new sprint stars making their mark by winning 4 ‘A’ and 3 ‘B’ events. Luke Craven won the 100m ‘A’ race in 11.90secs, a grade 2 standard, ably supported by James Armitage who won the ‘B’ race in 12.5secs. Jacob Henton stormed round the track to set a new Club record with a time of 54.20secs. This was an excellent grade 1 performance from a rapidly maturing athlete. Both James Armitage and Jacob Henton went on to win the 200m ‘A’ and ‘B’ races with 26.40secs and 24.60secs respectively. Luke Craven and Edward Saxton showed great skill by winning the 80m hurdles races in 13.40secs and 13.50secs. Robert Hinchliffe was the only representative in the distance events finishing 2 nd in the 1500mwith 5mins 42secs, but also scored valuable points in the Shot and Javelin.

Jacob Henton completed a hat trick of individual victories with his 23.08m effort in the Discus supported by James Armitage who won the ‘B’ event with 17.88m. Edward Saxton put his speed to good use in the Long Jump taking 2 nd with a leap of 5.11m and then winning the High Jump with 1.45m.

The U15 girls also showed their versatility by competing in a wide range of events. Georgia Booth’s best performance was her 2 nd place in the 800m before going on to compete in the 100m event were she was joined by Ruby Sykes. Ruby also ran extremely well in the 1500m to finish 2 nd in 5mins 30.1secs with Alannah Booth also taking 2 nd in the ‘B’ 1500m in 5mins 34.4secs.Emma Taylor was the sole jumper recording 2.86m in the Long Jump before going on to run 35.2secs in the 200m and throw 5.39m in the Shot. Also in the Throws events, club stalwart Alex France gained valuable team points with her 3 rd place in the Discus and her efforts in both the Javelin and Shot. Georgia and Alannah Booth were 3 rd in the Discus and Javelin respectively.

In the U13 boy’s events, Yorkshire Champion Aaron Kettlewell put in a splendid performance in the Long Jump with a distance of 4.71m, a grade 1 standard. He was also 2 nd in both the 100m and 200m. Eddie Hinchliffe secured a win in the ‘B’ long Jump with 3.72m. Lewis Byram and Eddie Hinchliffe recorded fine wins in the 1500m with times of 5mins 23.2secs and 5mins 59.2secs respectively. Also in the distance events George Orton and Joe Williams toed the line in the 800m running even paced to finish in 2mins 53.9secs and 3mins 10.1secs. In the 75m hurdles’A’ race George Orton was 2 nd in 15.30secs with Eddie Hinchliffe going on to win the ‘B’ event. Eddie also secured valuable team points with his 2 nd place in the High Jump.

Ellie Folger dominated the U13 girls sprint events with wins in both the 75m and 150m events. Team mate Jessica Hirst’s best result came in the ‘B’150m with 26.1secs before completing the 100m in 12.9secs. In the distance events Shannon Cole took on the responsibility of the ‘A’ 800m recording 3mins 12.5secs with Sophie Williams gaining maximum points in the ‘B’ event. Lucy Farqhuar and Ellie Folger both ran well to win the 1200m events in 4mins 17.23secs and 4mins 19secs respectively. Lucy then went on to gain valuable points in the 70m hurdles and High Jump. Olivia Sykes recorded 2.98m in the Long Jump, whilst Jessica Hirst and Lucy Taylor won the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Shot events with 4.22m and 3.37m.

The day of competition finished with the relay events, always tremendously exciting as matches can be won or lost on their outcome. The highlight was in the U/15 boy’s 4 X 100m where the Holmfirth squad put in a stunning performance to smash the existing record by over 3 seconds to record 49secs. Holmfirth finished the day in 4 th place with 223points.


Gynn Lane results 2009

The Gynn Lane Junior Handicap Road Races took place on Tuesday 9th of June 2009, over 70 of the clubs young athletes took part in these races. As a result there were a number of exciting finishes with some
very good performaces from a number of athletes. In four of the races the first across the line did not win after handicaps due to improved poerformances from other runners, although good runs by Lewis Byram and Max kaye did mean they won the race as well as recording the fastest time, in Max Kaye's case he only pipped Michael Booth by one second. In the youngest age group although Olivia Syskes had a great run a number of the younger athletes put in strong runs with a great run by Amy Kettlewell allowing her to take first place. In the boys event George Orton finished strongly to cross the line first but one of the
youngest runners Thomas Addy prevailed after the handicap was taken into account. Ruby Sykes recorded a family double in recording the fastest time in the over 13 girls but Alannah Booth continued her improved form this season to stay close enough to take the handicap honours, with two of girls who were not lookinmg forward to the race, Grace Mullinger and Jenna Lee Moffatt taking 2nd and 3rd. In the under 13 girls Isabel Dewar-Fowler used her strength and experience to keep going to the end in taking the handicap honours just beating the fastest girl Lucy farguhar by 4 seconds. A big thanks to all marshalls and time-keepers. results subject to verification.

John Mc

Gynn Lane Races 2008 H.Cap
Under 11 Girls Number Race Time H.Cap H.Cap Time Postion
Olivia Sykes 258 8m 50s 0s 8m 50s 10
Lucy Byram 268 9m 09s 35s 8m 34s 6
Erica Byram 269 9m 18s 45s 8m 33s 5
Louise Adams 257 10m 06s 1m 40s 8m 26s 2
Danielle Brown 289 10m 20s 1m 30s 8m 50s 10
Ciara Ellis 270 10m 25s 1m 9m 25s 16
Amy Kettlewell 288 10m 33s 2m 15s 8m 18s 1
Ellie Chawner 261 10m 37s 2m 00s 8m 37s 7
Imogen Clowes 280 10m 42s 1m 00s 9m 42s 20
Alice Scholes 264 10m 43s 1m 10s 9m 33s 19
Daisy Mae Smith 276 10m 48s 2m 10s 8m 58s 14
Grace Ambler 272 10m 54s 2m 15s 8m 39s 8
Caitlin Smith 10m 58s 1m 30s 9m 28s 18
Jade Broughton 273 10m 59s 2m 30s 8m 29s 4
Rebbecca Vickerman 267 11m 19s 2m 40s 8m 39s 8
Lucy Taylor 249 11m 28s 3m 00s 8m 28s 3
Harriet Wise 278 11m 37s 2m 45s 8m 52s 12
Olivia Battye 260 11m 38s 2m 45s 8m 53s 13
Katie Doyle 263 12m 03s 2m 45s 9m 18s 15
Fiona Archer 287 12m 27s 3m 00s 9m 27s 17
Lizzy Casson 277 13m 02s 2m 45s 10m 17s 21
Katie Smith 13m 32s 3m 00s 10m 32s 22
Evie Townend 254 13m 49s 3m 00s 10m 49s 23
Nevea Luckson 282 14m 09s 3m 00s 11m 09s 24
Anna Townend 252 14m 11s 3m 30s 11m 11s 25
Mollie Harrison 290 14m 22s 3m 00s 11m 22s 26


Boys Under 11 Number Race Time H.Cap H.Cap Time Postion
George Orton 257 8m 51s 0s 8m 51s 9th
Ben Dickinson 268 8m 56s 10s 8m 46s 6th
Andrew Farquhar 274 9m 02s 0s 9m 02s 10th
Alex Vickerman 261 9m 10s 50s 8m 20s 2nd
Finn Kerry 256 9m 34s 1m 10s 8m 24s 3rd
Thomas Radley 278 9m 42s 55s 8m 47s 7th
James Addy 269 9m 47s 25s 9m 22s 11th
Brandon Hardy 279 9m 48s 1m 00s 8m 48s 8th
Thomas Addy 270 9m 59s 1m 45s 8m 14s 1st
Jack Scholes 259 10m 23s 1m 50s 8m 33s 5th
Kieran Cucksey 262 10m 25s 2m 00s 8m 25s 4th
Shea Kerry 255 11m 38s 2m 00s 9m 38s 12th
Nicky Farquhar 272 12m 00s 45s 11m 15s 13th
Under 13 Girls Number Race Time H.Cap H.Cap Time Postion
Lucy Farquhar 284 11m 22s 0s 11m 22s 2nd
Isabelle Dewar Fowler 262 11m 48s 30s 11m 18s 1st
Amira Mellor 279 11m 58s 20s 11m 38s 3rd
Sophie Williams 266 14m 15s 1m 55s 12m 20s 4th
Isable Scholes 265 15m 01s 2m 00s 13m 01s 5th
Tara Broughton 274 15m 20s 2m 00s 13m 20s 6th
Katie Battye 275 17m 48s 3m 00s 14m 48s 7th
Under 13 Boys Number Race Time H.Cap H.Cap Time Postion
Lewis Byram 263 10m 30s 0s 10m 30s 1st
Aaron Kettlewell 275 11m 08s 0s 11m 08s 6th
William England 252 11m 13s 30s 10m 43s 4th
Arron Arthur 260 11m 27s 45s 10m 42s 3rd
Michael Adams 254 11m 55s 1m 10s 10m 45s 5th
Jordan Hardy 277 12m 30s 1m 15s 11m 15s 7th =
Sam Ambler 265 12m 37s 2m 00s 10m 37s 2nd
Eddie Hinchliffe 266 14m 15s 3m 00s 11m 15s 7th=
Jack Sykes 258 14m 18s 1m 50s 12m 28s 9th
Sam Townend 251 14m 18s 1m 00s 13m 18s 10th
Lewis Merrick 281 16m 13s 2m 20s 13m 53s 11th
McKenzie Williams 280 16m 44s 2m 10s 14m 34s 12th
Josh Joynson 271 2m 20s DNF
Over 13 Girls Number Race Time H.Cap H.Cap Time Postion
Ruby Sykes 259 12m 09s 0s 12m 09s 4th
Alannah Booth 286 12m 17s 30s 11m 47s 1st
Georgia Booth 285 13m 07s 40s 12m 27s 5th
Jenna Lee Moffatt 293 15m 37s 3m 30s 12m 07s 3rd
Grace Mullinger 291 15m 39s 3m 45s 11m 54s 2nd
Anna Whitwam 281 16m 17s 3m 30s 12m 47s 6th
Emma Taylor 251 2m 30s DNF
Over 13 Boys Number Race Time H.Cap H.Cap Time Postion
Max Kaye 271 14m 31s 0s 14m 31s 1st
Robert Hinchcliffe 267 19m 48s 5m 00s 14m 48s 3rd
Michael Booth 276 20m 02s 5m 30s 14m 32s 2nd
Daniel Ellis 264 26m 37s 8m 00s 18m 37s 4th


‘ Norwich Union Star Track’


Summer Schemes

For 8 – 13yrs of age

1. Monday 20th July & Tuesday 21st July at Scissett Middle School


2 . Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th of August at Holmfirth Harriers A.C, Neiley Playing Fields Honley.

Each course 10am to 3pm Daily

Fully supervised Lunch break.

Bring packed lunch. Tuck shop available.

Cost £12 for two day course.

( Cheques payable to Holmfirth Harriers A.C)

Forms available from John McFadzean (Tel 683292)

or visit the web site www.holmfirthharriers.com

Registration forms to be sent to John McFadzean at

36 Lydgate Drive , New Mill, Holmfirth HD9 1LW or email hellojohn@tiscali.co.uk

Book early limited places available!!  

A joint promotion by Holmfirth Harriers A.C, West Yorkshire Neighbourhood Police and Kirklees Active Leisure

RESULTS Winter 2008/09

Holmfirth Harriers Xmas X-Country Handicaps 2008
Under 11 Girls H.Cap H.Cap Time Race Time
India Sleney 30s 10m 16s 9m 46s
Amy Kettlewell 0s 10m 41s 10m 41s
Paige Naylor 1m 40s 10m 44s 9m 04s
Megan Lamb 2m 10s 10m 54s 8m 44s
Olivia Sykes 2m 25s 10m 56s 8m 31s
Erica Byram 1m 25s 10m 59s 9m 34s
Lucy Byram 1m 35s 11m 18s 10m 43s
Dansy Smith 30s 11m 29s 10m 59s
Jessica Hirst 1m 05s 11m 47s 10m 42s
Boys Under 11 H.Cap H.Cap Time Race Time
Ben Dickinson 30s 9m 04s 8m 34s
Thomas Dickens 5s 9m 04s 8m 59s
Joe Williams 35s 9m 18s 8m 43s
Bradley Bedford 1m 30s 9m 25s 7m 55s
Thomas Radley 45s 9m 28s 8m 43s
James Addy 15s 9m 28s 9m 13s
Nicky Farquhar 30s 10m 00s 9m 30s
Arron Kettlewell 2m 15s 10m 22s 8m 07s
J.Emmett 1m 15s 10m 25s 9m 10s
Jack Schloes 15s 10m 41s 10m 26s
Thomas England Os 10m 52s 10m 52s
George Orton 1m 35s 11m 04s 9m 29s
Under 13 Girls H.Cap H.Cap Time Race Time
Sophie Williams 0s 15m 11s 15m 11s
Isobel Dewar-Fowler 2m 25s 15m 14s 12m 49s
Lucy Farquhar 2m 10s 15m 38s 13m 28s
Ruby Sykes 2m 40s 15m 52s 13m 12s
Under 13 Boys H.Cap H.Cap Time Race Time
Arron Arthur 1m 0s 13m 31s 12m 31s
Lewis Byram 1m 50s 13m 44s 11m 54s
Eddie Hinchcliffe 0s 14m 09s 14m 09s
Robert Hinchcliffe 1m 0s 14m 10s 13m 10s
William England 1m 10s 14m 19s 13m 09s
Micahael Booth 1m 30s 14m 28s 12m 58s
Over 13 Girls H.Cap H.Cap Time Race Time
Gemma Radley 3m 18m 18s 15m 18s
Alannah Booth 3m 10s 18m 51s 15m 41s
Rebbecca Addy 3m 40s 18m 52s 15m 12s
Rowena France 4m 30s 19m 23s 14m 53s
Georgia Booth 2m 50s 19m 54s 17m 04s
Anna Whitwam 0s 21m 39s 21m 39s
Over 13 Boys H.Cap H.Cap Time Race Time
Max Kaye 6m 30s 18m 28s 11m 58s

Holmfirth Harriers Beaumont ParkHandicaps 2009
Under 11 Girls H.Cap H.Cap Time Race Time
Erica Byram 15s 10m 25s 10m 10s
Lucy Byram 1m 25s 11m 14s 9m 49s
Daisy Smith 0s 11m 21s 11m 21s
Megan Lamb 2m 15s 11m 41s 9m 26s
Olivia Sykes 2m 30s 11m 42s 9m 12s
Amira Mellor 2m 25s 11m 49s 9m 24s
Amy Kettlewell 15s 11m 49s 11m 34s
India Sleney 1m25s 11m 51s 10m 26s
Kiara Ellis 45s 11m 54s 11m 09s
Lucy Taylor 5s 12m 32s 12m 27s
Boys Under 11 H.Cap H.Cap Time Race Time
Thomas England 0s 11m 03s 11m 03s
Nicky Farquhar 1m 20s 11m 05s 9m 45s
Thomas Dickens 1m 45s 11m 23s 9m 38s
Arron Kettlewell 2m 45s 11m 32s 8m 47s
Bradley Bedford 2m 55s 11m 41s 8m 46s
Ben Dickinson 2m 15s 11m 52s 9m 37s
James Emmett 1m 30s 12m 38s 11m 08s
Under 13 Girls H.Cap H.Cap Time Race Time
Lucy Farquhar 4m 15s 18m 16s 14m 01s
Emma Taylor 0s 18m 36s 18m 36s
Ruby Sykes 4m 35s 18m 53s 14m 18s
Alex France 15s 19m 44s 19m 29s
Isobel Dewar-Fowler 5m 0s 19m 47s 14m 47s
Sophie Williams 2m 20s 23m 10s 20m 50s
Under 13 Boys H.Cap H.Cap Time Race Time
Eddie Hinchcliffe 0s 14m 45s 14m 45s
William England 1m 10s 14m 53s 13m 43s
Robert Hinchcliffe 1m 10s 15m 46s 14m 36s
Lewis Byram 2m 35s 15m 48s 13m 13s
Arron Arthur 1m 50s 16m 18s 14m 28s
Michael Booth 1m 20s 16m 52s 15m 32s
Over 13 Girls H.Cap H.Cap Time Race Time
Yasmin Ellis 0s 17m 28s 17m 28s
Georgia Booth 3n 17m 37s 14m 37s
Rowena France 5m 18m 23s 13m 23s
Alannah Booth 4m 5s 18m 34s 14m 29s
Anna Whitwam 1m 19m 23s 18m 23s
Rebbecca Addy 4m 35s 20m 33s 15m 58s
Over 13 Boys H.Cap H.Cap Time Race Time
Daniel Ellis 0m 20m 30s 20m 30s
Red = Fastest Time

Holmfirth Harriers Winter Overall 2009

Under 11 Girls Xmas H.Cap Beaumont Pk Current Time
Erica Byram 11m 18s 10m 25s 21m 43s
India Sleney 10m 16s 11m 51s 22m 07s
Lucy Byram 10m 59s 11m 14s 22m 13s
Amy Kettlewell 10m 41s 11m 49s 22m 30s
Megan Lamb 10m 54s 11m 41s 22m 35s
Olivia Sykes 10m 56s 11m 42s 22m 36s
Daisy Smith 11m 29s 11m 21s 22m 50s
Paige Naylor 10m 44s XXXX
Jessica Hirst 11m 47s XXXX
Amira Mellor XXXX 11m 49s
Kiara Ellis XXXX 11m 54s
Lucy taylor XXXX 12m 32s
Boys Under 11 Xmas H.Cap Beaumont Pk Current Time
Thomas Dickens 9m 04s 11m 23s 20m 27s
Ben Dickinson 9m 04s 11m 52s 20m 56s
Nicky Farquhar 10m 00s 11m 05s 21m 05s
Bradley Bedford 9m 25s 11m 41s 21m 06s
Arron Kettlewell 10m 22s 11m 32s 21m 54s
Thomas England 10m 52s 11m 03s 21m 55s
James.Emmett 10m 25s 12m 38s 23m 03s
Joe Williams 9m 18s XXXX
Thomas Radley 9m 28s XXXX
James Addy 9m 28s XXXX
Jack Schloes 10m 41s XXXX
George Orton 11m 04s XXXX
Under 13 Girls Xmas H.Cap Beaumont Pk Current Time
Lucy Farquhar 15m 38s 18m 16s 33m 42s
Ruby Sykes 15m 52s 13m 53s 34m 45s
Isobel Dewar-Fowler 15m 14s 19m 47s 35m 01s
Sophie Williams 15m 11s 23m 10s 38m 21s
Emma Taylor XXXX 18m 36s
Alex France XXXX 19m 44s
Under 13 Boys Xmas H.Cap Beaumont Pk Current Time
Eddie Hinchcliffe 14m 09s 14m 45s 28m 54s
William England 14m 19s 14m 53s 29m 12s
Lewis Byram 13m 44s 15m 48s 29m 32s
Arron Arthur 13m 31s 18m 18s 29m 49s
Robert Hinchcliffe 14m 10s 15m 46s 29m 56s
Micahael Booth 14m 28s 16m 52s 31m 20s
Over 13 Girls Xmas H.Cap Beaumont Pk Current Time
Alannah Booth 18m 51s 18m 34s 37m 25s
Georgia Booth 19m 54s 17m 37s 37m 31s
Rowena France 19m 23s 18m 23s 37m 46s
Rebbecca Addy 18m 52s 20m 33s 39m 25s
Anna Whitwam 21m 39s 19m 23s 41m 02s
Gemma Radley 18m 18s XXXX
Yasmin Ellis XXXX 17m 28s
Over 13 Boys Xmas H.Cap Beaumont Pk Current Time
Max Kaye 18m 28s XXXX
Daniel Ellis XXXX 20m 30s


Harriers Juniors in Fine Form in the Frost.

The second event of the Yorkshire and Humberside Junior Duathlon Series went ahead last Sunday 1 st February at Richard Dunn sports centre in Bradford inspite of the artic temperatures and the threat of impeding blizards. The series which concludes on March 29 th has both individual and team awards and the Harriers triathletes knew that good performances in Sunday’s races would leave them well placed for the overall title.


The races kicked off with the Tristart Race for 8 year olds. Nicky Farquhar, who had finished last in the first race of the series after losing his bike chain, set off hard in the first run and gained a slight lead off the middle bike stage and finally broke away to win in a time of 6.51 in the second run. ‘I couldn’t use my brakes at all as my hands were so cold’ explained Nicky at the end of the race ‘that’s why I went so fast!’. Nicky was followed home by Tiras Waterman in 5 th this time in this very hotly contested category and also Finn Kerry in his very first duathlon.


The Tristar 1 races for 9 and 10 year old provided Holmfirth victories in both the boys and girls race. Joe Williams always a slow starter on the run set off on the bike stage half a lap down on the leaders a real tussle ensued with Jake Beach of Wakefield Tri as both boys rode through the field and set off on the second run stage neck and neck. Joe managed to break away in the final 200m and finished first in 16.25 an improvement of nearly a minute on his time in the last race. Joe was backed up in this age group by Seth Waterman in third place putting in a blistering final run stage to nearly overhaul Jake and finish in a time of 16.38. Also earning valuable points for Holmfirth was Shay Kerry in 6 th place.


The Byram duo of Lucy and Erica Byram had their usual battle in the girl’s race – with Lucy coming out on top on the day. Both twins raced well and both improved on their times from the last race Lucy 17.43 and Erica 18.18. Olivia Sykes in her first ever duathlon showed her potential and finished 4 th in 18.33.


Big brother Lewis in the Tristar 2 race for 11 and 12 year olds showed great commitment and determination finishing second to Max Robson of Leeds Bradford Tri but this time only 15 seconds adrift in 22.00 inspite of having no feeling in either hands or feet by the end of the race. Lucy Farquhar also in the Tristar 2 race was rewarded for her hard training over the winter months and had an excellent race also finishing in second position to Abby-Mae Parkinson of Bradford Grammar. Lucy’s time of 21.53 was an improvement of 2 minutes on her time from the previous race. Holmfirth was well represented in this Tristar 2 race Amira Mellor 5 th in 23.45, Harmonie Waterman 6 th 23.57 and Ruby Sykes like sister Olivia in her first Duathlon 7 th in 24.59.


The Tristar 3 race for 13 and 14 year olds and the Youth race for 15 and 16 year old were run concurrently in view of the increasing snow flurries. Rebecca Addy and Emily Harris both raced well finishing 2 nd and 3 rd respectively in the Tristar 3 girls race. Athena Mellor worked really hard in the Youth girls race and finished 2 nd. Oliver Futrell in his first duathlon finished first in the youth boys race showing his potential in events of this kind.


When the results were in and all the points added up Holmfirth held a narrow lead going into the third and final event with 97 points to Leeds Bradford Tri’s 96.


Junior Harriers Make a Splash


In the junior version of the excellent Stanbury Splash Fell Race from Penistone Hill Country Park in Howarth on Sunday Holmfirth Harriers Juniors had some great results. Lewis Byram finished an excellent 2 nd in the race overall- 1 st in the U12 category (he was only beaten by one U14 runner) and really enjoyed the boggy conditions underfoot and the steep muddy descent in the the quarry. Sister Erica also scooped a prize – 2 nd in the U10 girls category (26 th overall) with a great run beating twin sister Lucy on this occasion who finished 4 th U10 (38 th overall). Lewis was followed home by Andrew Farquhar 18 th overall (12 th U12), with Joe Williams also an U12 in his 1 st fell race in 33 rd, 12 th U12. Nicky Farquhar had an excellent run to finish 35 th overall 5 th U10. Ruby Sykes running as a cat finished 4 th U14 girl and also won a prize in the serious business of the fancy dress contest. “running with a tail really slowed me down” explained Ruby! 84 runners finished the race.





Holmfirth Harriers A.C in conjunction with Honley High School, West Yorkshire Police, and The Pennine School Sports Partnership


Fun In Athletics 2009

4 Friday afternoon sessions 4pm to 5pm

Honley High School Sports Hall

6 th,13 th, 20 th of March 2009
The young children will receive coaching in a wide range of events by qualified athletics coaches

Friday 27 th of March 2009
FUN competition and presentation night.
For Junior School Children age 6-11.

All participants will receive a Certificate and Easter Egg, plus a medal for the members of the winning team on competition night.

Still only £5 per child for the whole course and with 64 places available please book early. Cheques payable to Holmfirth Harriers A.C

For further information and to book either hand application form to John McFadzean at Holmfirth Harriers, contact him on 01484 683292, or email hellojohn@tiscali.co.uk or post to 36 Lydgate Drive, New Mill, Holmfirth HD9 1LW . Entry forms also on Holmfirth Harriers A.C web site.

Summer Overall result 2008

X-Country Gynn Lane Total
Under 11 Girls H.Cap H.Cap Time
Kiara Ellis 5m 20s 9m 24s 14m 44s
Megan Lamb 5m 56s 9m 00s 14m 56s
Ameria Mellor 6m 09s 9m 32s 15m 41s
Lucy Byram 5m 46s 9m 15s 15m 01s
Erica Byram 5m 49s 9m 22s 15m 11s
Alice Scholes 6m 13s 9m 18s 15m 41s
Boys Under 11 X-Country Gynn Lane Total
H.Cap H.Cap Time
Liam Colgan 5m 24s 8m 09s 13m 33s
Arron Kettlewell 5m 53s 8m 05s 13m 58s
Josh England 5m 33s 8m 26s 13m 59s
James Addy 6m 02s 8m 14s 14m 16s
Seth Waterman 5m 15s 9m 03s 14m 18s
Lewis Byram 5m 55s 8m 23s 14m 18s
Thomas Radley 5m 20s 9m 03s 14m 23s
Jack Scholes 5m 57s 9m 53s 15m 50s
Under 13 Girls X-Country Gynn Lane Total
H.Cap H.Cap Time
Isobel Scholes 6m 11s 11m 44s 17m 55s
Under 13 Boys X-Country Gynn Lane Total
H.Cap H.Cap Time
Edward Saxton 9m 44s 10m 32s 20m 16s
Arron Arthur 9m 36s 11m 06s 20m 42s
Over 13 Girls X-Country Gynn Lane Total
H.Cap H.Cap Time
Alannah Booth 16m 19s 14m 31s 30m 40s
Gemma Radley 16m 03s 15m 08s 31m 11s
Rebbecca Addy 16m 17s 15m 16s 31m 33s
Grace Mullinger 16m 34s 15m 08s 31m 42s
Georgia Booth 16m 46s 15m 27s 32m 13s
Anna Whitwam 17m 22s 15m 14s 32m 36s
Jenna Moffatt 18m 50s 15m 19s 34m 09s
Elizabeth Denny 19m 10s 15m 32s 34m 42s
Over 13 Boys X-Country Gynn Lane Total
H.Cap H.Cap Time
Daniel Ellis 17m 27s 23m 48s 41m 15s



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